Beagle Hunter from the past

Tanya was mailed from somone some of you might know 🙂

Hi there! Not sure who will be reading this email! If you were in the group a couple of years back you may remember me, or better to say, Tango, my dog.


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We use to go there every Sunday for the hunts and had a wonderful time. Tango was born in Pretoria and won a couple of awards (yes, proud mummy). We then moved back to Uruguay (where I come from). Unfortunately we don’t have those hunts here and I’m sure he really misses them. Anyway, he goes for long walks everyday. He doesn’t care about other dogs, but whenever he sees a beagle he goes mad! I’m sure he remembers those old days!

I looked into last year’s awards and there were so many familiar names! Can’t believe Zena and Ninja are there! They used to be my neighbours. I still remember the first day they went beagling, Zena was all over the place and Ninja pretty shy. And many of them, Leo, Miranda, Sophie, Matthew, Rebel, Chelsea. Maybe they are other dogs, but those names were there in Tango’s time!

If whoever reads this remembers us, please reply, we miss those nice old days!
By the way, I used my married name when I was there, I was Ana Sanchez. In Uruguay you don’t use the married name!

Keep well!

Love from Ana & Tango

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  1. Jane Hyslop says:

    Hi Ana
    Great to hear your news. We often wonder how you are getting on as everyone seems to have lost contact. As you can see we have a great website which Tanya & Peter are managing for us. Keep in touch. I homed a new bitch Pippin, a friend for Rebel as Gus passed on last year. She is not very good on the hunts but maybe we will see some improvement this year as her confidence improves.

    Take care
    Jane Hyslop

  2. Ana says:

    Hi Jane, nice to hear from you! Sorry about Gus, but I’m sure Pippin will be a great company for Rebel.
    Yes, I lost all the emails from you guys, but as you can see, still thinking about you. I was surfing on the net trying to find something about you and found this great site. I was so happy!
    Tango is doing great, really naughty, can’t keep him away from the food!
    How’s everybody else?

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