Meeting Update (Held 11 March 2009)

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting to offer feedback and to help make this year bigger and better than ever before! Also, thank you to everyone offering to help in any way they can.

This is just an update for what was discussed at the meeting, for those who weren’t there.

VENUE: We are going to hunt at the original venue, which is about 1km before where we hunted last year. It is the same venue where the  2008 Top Ten was held. It is a bigger valley and should provide the dogs with a good run, and a good view for the spectators.

DATES AND TIMES: The dates have been finalised and can be found on the Field Days Page. The times will be finalised soon * EDIT 17/03/09 Times are finalised *. The hunts will start at 7am, 7:30am or 8am – depending on how deep into Winter we are. Please make sure you are there at least 15 minutes BEFORE the scheduled time.

DUTIES AND GENERAL ADMIN: Graham and Shaw have volunteered to continue their roles of Huntmaster and laying the lines. People may join them to walk the line and help score the dogs as they come in.

Lyn is going to continue keeping score for the hounds through the season.

A lot of people  have expressed that they would like to see the results published on the website after every hunt. The reason this has been kept a “secret” before, is to create excitement for the end of the year function, where all the results are announced. We have decided to compromise, by putting up the standings halfway through the season. That way you can see if your hounds need a little extra work! 🙂

FEES: The annual fee per family (regardless of number of dogs) is R150. This fee needs to be paid at your first hunt! We have decided to grant 2 grace hunts for new people who may want to come and check it out before making a commitment to join us on a regular basis. Dana has offered to be our “Debt Collector”  Please make sure you find her as soon as possible and pay your fees.

BIBS AND NUMBERS: Every dog needs to have a bib AND a number to participate. The club is going to be getting a lot of new bibs made, for people to use if they don’t have their own. It is encouraged that you have a bib made for your dog, or you can buy one off the website for R80 (and R10 for a set of numbers).

Your hound will keep the number he/she was running with last year. If you do not have a number, please E-mail Tanya to be issued a number.

RULES: Shaw has typed up a comprehensive set of rules which can be found on The Field Day-> Rules Page. Please familiarize yourself with them… ESPECIALLY if this is your first season!

WEBSITE: Peter and Tanya are continually working on the website to make it as comprehensive and interactive as possible. They are working on an official registration form which will need to be filled in by EVERYONE participating in the hunts. This is to help us keep track of everyone and to know which hounds belong to which people. Once the form is ready, a mail will be sent out to ask everyone to complete it.

Automatic Hunt Reminders will be sent out via the website, to take the pressure off Jane having to remember to remind everyone.

We have been approached by the Western Cape Hunting group and we are going to be including their details on the site soon as well.

FUNCTIONS: We have decided to have 2 breakfasts this season. They will be on 7 June and 16 August. We have them after the hunt and it’s a good time to socialise and get to know one another a bit better (The beagles also enjoy it as they more often than not get a little morsel of bacon or sausage!!  😉

Claire and Dilene have volunteered to organise the end year function.


Once again, thanks to everybody concerned.

If you were unable to make the meeting and feel that you would like to be more involved, please find one us during the season!

See you guys soon!

– Tanya

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