FOUND: 2 Beagles

24 March

We have found a pair of Beagles – in show condition – a male and a female – in the Alwynspoort area.

If  you are their doting owners or know of someone that has lost these two –

please email us and we’ll put you in touch with the people who are caring for them.

3 Responses to “ FOUND: 2 Beagles ”

  1. Dana says:

    Keep thinking about these two. Did you ever manage to find their owners?

  2. Tanya says:

    Nope, I emailed the lady who has taken them in, and she says they are now part of her family!

    they put up notices at spca’s, vets, kennels, breeders, sent out mails and spread the word at dog shows…
    but no-one ever claimed them.

    Very strange… if my beagles went missing i’d sent out a police search party within the hour and wouldn’t rest until i found them!

  3. SANDY says:

    Just a quick update on the 2 beagles – they are happy and settled – a little too much so in fact, the bitch is on diet as we speak…
    We have never had an enquiry from any of the ads, notices, SPCAs, vets or anyone else. I cannot understand it, the only other thought I had was that perhaps they got out of a vehicle that was involved in an accident, but they show no fear in our cars or bakkies, so that’s not likely either. I’d love to find out their background, but I guess that’ll always be their secret. They’ve settled in well and have merged with our other 8 dogs (2 of which are beagles). If their owners ever show up, they will have to have a really good explanation of what happened before I would let them go!

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