Register for Gauteng Hunts


We are creating a comprehensive database of everyone who attends, and wants to attend the Gauteng Beagle Field Days. This info is just used to keep track of everyone and to have a list of who belongs to who etc. It will make the organising a bit easier on everyone.

All Beaglers need to register here… regardless of whether you are new or old to the field days.

If you are new and need a number, I will issue a number to your hound once I have your registration form. All hounds need to wear a bib and have a number to participate. Bibs are available to borrow on the day, or you can make your own, or you can order online from the BeagleShop.

Please remember to register… and see you soon!

– Thanks!!


Harry wearing his number 2 Bib

Harry wearing his bib from the BeagleShop

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