Review of 5 April Hunt

So, yesterday was the first hunt for the season!

Quite a few people got there nice and early, luckily it’s still nice and warm… we should enjoy the weather while we can.

There were loads of new faces and it was great to meet all the new beagles, as well as catch up on news from our friends from last year. We got to meet little Matthew (Bruce and Wendy’s little one) who seemed to enjoy his first hunt, before he decided he needed some breakfast! Congratulations to Leanda and Gary who are expecting their second little girl. Between two kids and a horde of Beagles, I wish them GOOD LUCK and much strength!! 🙂

Back to the Beagles though…

I’d just like to give a quick welcome Ahhhrrooooooooooo to the new people who joined us:

Bailey, Sasha, Denver (cute little Denver got his dad to bring along his monster camera!), Basil, Snoopy (who also joined us last year, but is now old enough to compete), Boogaloo, Keerah, Vince (Harry and Oscar’s gorgeous brother… ok, I am biased!),  Bart & Ralph (who joined us last year, but are now old enough to compete), Ruby & Nooga (who also joined us last year, but are now old enough to compete), Ace (who did very well for a first timer), Loni, Nelson & Aimee (who were also puppies with us last season), Dexter, Dee Dee, Chuck & Norris (insert giggle here), Ozzy, Gypsy, Benji, Gina, Coco,  Baxter and Maggie. If I have left any one out, I do apologise!

It was quite chaotic trying to organise everyone and distribute bibs to all the dogs and collect the annual fees from everyone… but I think everything went relatively smoothly.

Shaw gave us all a run down of how the hunts work and then we started the morning with a long walk out to the valley where we would hunt.

All the dogs were scented… and the Huntmaster and the rest of the people who walk upfront were on their way. The grass is REALLY LONG at the moment! All the beagles were pretty excited, new and old – whether they knew what was going on or not! 😀 Only a few dogs finished the line… I think the beagles are quite out of practice, and maybe a little bit unfit! … I won’t get into the fitness of us humans… I felt myself puffing and panting more than I’d like to admit!!

We only ran 3 lines in total, as this was more of a practice for the “oldies” and an introduction to the “new guys”.  A few dogs went wondering off on their own mission, but they were all found pretty quickly by our “search party”.

I hope all the new people had a fun morning and will be back next time. It does take a while for the Beagles to get the idea and follow the trail all the way to the end… But it will happen. The feeling you get when your dog finishes his first line is amazing…! You think you will burst with pride!!

Anyway, the morning was a success… my dogs slept ALL of Sunday!

I hope to see you all next time (19 April).  Click HERE to book

Until then, Happy Beagling!


7 Responses to “ Review of 5 April Hunt ”

  1. Virginia says:

    hi there, sounds like you had great fun- I wish I lived closer, Lucy would really, really love the romp, and i love the idea of the fitness sessions included ha ha , Virginia

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi, we had good fun thanks for letting us know about it. Question of an ‘outsider’ so this may not work, could the person laying the trail not use a quad bike or scrambler so as the time between scenting dogs and releasing is minimal? If not for new people could they split the groups and do shorter trails so as they get the idea?

  3. Shaw says:

    Hi Sarah. We have never had as many people or hounds attending the hunts as we had yesterday, so it was a little bit of a shock to all of us that have been hunting for many many years. But I think we will manage once everyone understands the process. Normally we walk the lines very quickly and next time we will have try to pick up the pace again. Quad bikes and bikes are difficult because of the terrain. Its pretty rocky up the slopes. The people also need to move quickly between the lines. Its not a Sunday stroll. Seperating the field is not an option because of the point system, and even if new people wanted to run their hounds seperately, the hounds would probably not know what to do. They need to learn from the experienced hounds. Stick with us, I think it will become easier.

  4. Tanya admin says:

    the first few hunts are always a bit slow for the new dogs… it takes a while to get into the hang of things… I think it took Harry about 4 or 5 Sundays before he FINALLY finished a line!
    And he ended up coming 13th (out of about 40) at the end of last season.

    It’s all about perseverance… some dogs catch on quicker than others!

  5. Willem says:

    What a great experiece to join the friendly laid back group of Beagle owners surrounded by so many exited Beagles!! We are very proud of Ace who performed so well and hope to get Loni to take on the challenge next time! Looking forward to our next hunt and to see the now almost familiar faces again!

  6. Tanya says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Willem. Ace did REALLY well for his first time! You should be very very proud of your boykie! 🙂

    It is a fun morning and all the people are very friendly and welcoming!

    We are glad to have you guys as part of our pack!

  7. Tanya admin says:

    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it, Willem!

    Ace did very well, you should be super proud of him!!
    Good to know you felt at home with all the beaglers… we are a pretty friendly welcoming bunch… if you have a beagle, we’ll welcome you with open arms! 🙂

    See you soon!

    – Tanya

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