Blanket Drive. Pls help if you can


With winter fast approaching we need to spare a thought for those animals who aren’t as privileged as our spoilt little beagles!

Below is an initiative to collect blankets/towels/carpets etc to keep the less fortunate pooches and kitties warm this winter. They are also asking for food or cash donations to help the animals.

If you can help in ANY way… big or small, please contact the organisers and take a look at their website.

It is a very worthy cause and will be appreciated by some cold puppy out there! Next time your beagle sneaks onto your bed and under the covers for a midnight cuddle, think of the other dogs and cats who aren’t as lucky to have you as a mom or dad!

The picture is a bit hard to read… so visit their website, or their Facebook page for more info and easier reading!

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