Review 10 May Hunt

Our third hunt was held this past Sunday, 10 May. It was Mothers’ Day as well, so I think we were missing quite a few beagles due to that. I hope they all brought their mom’s breakfast in bed!


The weather has been quite uncharacteristic of the Highveld in May. We had some rain this week, and Sunday was very chilly! When we arrived there was a lot of mist in the valley and the grass was really wet. I think most of the beagles were soaked and filthy before we actually began! We were missing our regular guys who lay the line, so we improvised! Thanks to everyone who volunteered to walk up front and lay the line, special thanks to Gavin (he laid the trail) who got his exercise in for the next week or so!!


The lines were pretty good, even in the long wet grass. The spectators had a pretty great view most of the time. I think we have some very strong contenders in the running for top spot this year, if today was anything to go by… In most of the lines, the 4 dogs who came in the first group were: Poppadom, Roti, Jesse and Oscar! I am going to call the “The Fearsome Foursome” from now on! Watch this space!!

There were a couple of snarls and growls between a few of the testosterone filled male beagles this Sunday. While this is quite normal behaviour for dogs forming a pack, it is still unpleasant and quite stressful to us humans! Remember to keep your dogs on short leashes when adrenaline is running high. Also, a point to remember next time, if you have an un-neutered male, try and keep a bit of distance between him and another un-neutered male… especially if you think he might be a bit grumbly.

We had a few new faces we hope to see again! I have uploaded some pictures from today’s hunt in the Gallery as well as pictures from our last meet up (19 April)

Our next hunt is on 24 May… Sign up here See you then!

Happy Beagling, Tanya

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