Frontline Tick & Flea Control now on Sale!


Frontline now on sale at discounted prices - only available at JHB hunts.

Hi Everyone!

For the last week or two, we have been trying to get hold of Frontline in bulk to sell at a discounted price. Raymond has managed to find the supplier and given us a really good price on Frontline.

PLEASE NOTE: these prices are for the JHB Hunts only and are for collection AT THE HUNTS. If we have to post them, we will need to add on postage costs and you will end up paying the same as at a pet shop.

“FRONTLINE Plus offers long-lasting  flea and tick control, killing up to 100% of fleas on your pet within 18 hours  and up to 100% of ticks on your pet within 48 hours .

Best of all, research confirms that FRONTLINE products work for an entire month to help keep your pet flea-free!”


You can buy Frontline in all pet shops, but is quite expensive, and it is an absolute necessity to use on your pets, even if they do not come to field days, they are still in danger of picking up ticks. One of the major carriers of ticks is birds – particularly Hadidas.

Below are the prices for Frontline from – the prices in brackets are the normal selling prices in pet shops. I have listed the price for small, medium and large dogs. Beagles would need the medium size, but if you have other size dogs in your family, please protect them too! These prices are for SINGLE APPLICATION TUBES. You need to use one tube per dog per month… at least 3 days after a bath, and at least 3 days before a bath.

Size of Dog                Price                 normally sells for

0-10 kg ………………………… R 40.00…………………… (R 57.00)

10kg – 20 kg ………………R 55.00…………………… (R 75.00)

20kg – 40kg……………………R 70.00…………………….(R 98.00)

40kg – 60kg……………………R 75.00…………………….(not sure of this retail price)

YOU NEED TO ORDER VIA EMAIL (click here to mail me) TO ENSURE WE ORDER ENOUGH UNITS!  If you would like to place an order, please let me know which size you need, and how many you want.

Always remember to give your beagles a once over after the hunts, just to check for any ticks that might have latched onto them. Remember to check inside their ears too!

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  2. CECILLE says:

    Hi, i have boxer pups 2.5 weeks old. I bought frontline spray at the vet. but it does not work. what would you recomend please. if i buy from you i will need for 5 pups weighing 1.250gr at this moment. the grow average 20 gr per day.
    I need frontline for mother as well 27 kg.

  3. Marie Radloff says:

    PLEASE HELP! I have 10 Golden Retrievers and wanted to get the “best” so I bought 10 Frontline Plus for over 25kg. It cost me almost R1000 and did not do a thing! 2 Weeks after, I had to do something and had to go back to the Vet in Margate to buy another product that cost another R1000.
    Please will it be possible to refund me with that amount? I see that you say that “If you are not satisfied with Frontline for any reason, the product will be replaced or the purchase price refunded?” I did everything the way they describe, but no luck. If it was only one dog, I would have left it, but because I had to buy 10, it was quite a
    big amount of money to through in the water.
    I can give you all the Vet’s details if you wish to contact them.
    Thanking you
    Mrs. Radloff

  4. Boitumelo Moseje says:

    i am bitten by fleas and it is all over the house and yard i dont have dogs only my neighbour, there was dogs in the yard before but now there is nothing please contact me on 0763781565

  5. Michelle Grobler says:

    I am enquiring whether beflea products are available in SA. My dog has sensitive skin and is very iritated when I used frontline. I hear that the beflea products are more for sensitive skins. This is urgent, please get hold of me urgently

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