JHB Review 21 June Hunt

Yesterday was a HAPPY FATHERS DAY HUNT! 🙂

We have been so lucky with the weather this season… I mean, we are at the end of June and we haven’t had a *freezing* morning yet (touch wood). It was lovely, sunny and warm.

We had about 35 beagles, I guess… so not as many as the last few weeks. Still, we had a few new people.

The morning went off without anything particularly noteworthy happening. Other than Marmalade doing her disappearing trick after a line. Oscar has also met a new partner in crime, in little Denver! They are attached by Oscar’s tail to Denver’s nose! They came running back to us after they completed a line… only to SPEED off together, to do the line AGAIN – all by themselves! And they did the same thing on the next line!!
I don’t know about Denver, but Oscar is STILL recovering from yesterday 🙂

After the very last line A LOT of dogs went back on the line to try and find us… so when we got to the end, we had to head out to look for them. It felt like a loooooong search! The grass was also really long in this area, so it was quite tricky. But everyone was found and went home filthy and exhausted!

It was another fun morning out on the highveld!

Sign up for the next hunt on 5 July here. Lets hope the weather keeps on like this! 🙂

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Until next time!
-Happy Beagling,




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