JHB Review 5 July Hunt

It was probably the coldest morning so far! Despite the overcast sky, we must have had a record number of new people and beagles! It’s so great seeing new faces and hearing new stories about peoples love for their beagles. I am totally convinced that beagles are the most spoiled breed in the world! Everyone I speak to has their own special story about how much they love and spoil their beagle… those very same people all have stories about the dozens of things they have lost to their precious pooch (shoes, socks, glasses, irrigation systems, kids’ toys, plants, furniture etc etc!)

Colby getting a kiss!

The hunt went off very well, with the new dogs all fitting in so well. Leo did exceptionally well this week, finishing waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the pack in a few of the lines. Leo has won Top Beagle for many years in a row – he needs some competition – come on guys!!

One of the new beagles, Oliver, got a little sidetracked on the second line, and we had a rather large search party off to find him… Once he was spotted and called, he looked up, gave a “Bark” and came running up to be reunited with his dad, Tim!

Little Maya who only started coming to the hunts this season is continuing to do really well! She is a total natural at the hunts!!! Also doing well is little Denver (who is not even a year old yet!). He is so small and cute, but, boy, does he have attitude! Someone needs to tell him he is only 30cm high! 😉

We are still waiting (in vain, I think) for dear Snoopy to catch onto the whole Hunting Phenomenon and join in the race with the pack. I think Snoopy’s parents need a medal for their perseverance and dedication to Snoopy and the Beagle group 🙂 And Snoopy deserves a medal for cutest, friendliest, most playful beagle ever!

Our next hunt is on 19 July at 8am. Please sign up here if you wish to join us!

– Until then, Happy Beagling!!

5 July 2009

5 July 2009 Group shot.



Pippen getting a treat from her mom 🙂


Juan & Sebastian

Juan & Sebastian - two new faces... hope to see them again. Sebastian started out a bit nervous, but relaxed quite quickly.

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