1 year old Female Beagle needs new home

Buttercup is a one year old Lemon Beagle who is looking for a special new family to give her lots of love and attention!



Beagle’s Name: Buttercup (Registered Lilly Capri)
Age: 1 year 24/06/08
Is she registered? YES
Is she sterilised: NO
Is she friendly towards other dogs?: Yes
Is she friendly towards children? : Yes – I have 3 children, 12, 11 and 1 year old
Where about in JHB are you? Randpark Ridge
Why do you need to re-home her?: I think she needs more stimulation, with someone who has more time to spend with her .  My husband is not used to a beagle and he hates the barking.

If you can give this little girl a loving home, please Contact Rowena for more details!


21 Responses to “ 1 year old Female Beagle needs new home ”

  1. Melanie says:

    Please could you let me know if she has been spayed, and if possible fax her pedigree to 031 7657596. Many tks., Looking forward to your contact. Melanie

  2. Tanya admin says:

    Hi Melanie…

    Buttercup has found a new home on a plot in Pretoria, and she now has a beagle brother too! I’m sure she will be very happy with all the space.

    Thanks for your enquiry though!

    Any other beagles looking for homes will be posted on the site!

  3. Wessel says:

    Please phone Wessel on 083 468 3368 if you have a beagle(s) looking for a home in Gauteng, even if sterilised.

  4. Mrs Hinke Nixon says:

    PLEASE assist me. I am looking for a female beagle puppy. From any area in South Africa. Contact 021-7943457 / 021-7941886,

  5. Karen says:

    We are looking for a Beagle and we have a miniature daschund (female). We live in Thornhill Estate Modderfontein and would love to give Buttercup a home. Cell 082 920 7823

  6. Satria says:

    It is such a shock to hear the news of this talented and very spcaeil, fun loving and full of life person had this sad and very sudden ending to his life. He had so much more to experience and show everyone what he was capable of. Condolences to the Swartz family he has always and wil always be spcaeil to me!

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  21. Thank you for sharing that clip Kelly! Dead Poets Society is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s a great reminder to seize the day that God has given us.

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