3 year old Male Beagle available for Adoption – Pretoria

Enzo is a 3 year old tri-coloured Beagle looking for home. Please see details about him below:

We  are relocating to the USA and Enzo our beloved Beagle was to accompany us but plans fell through. We are now seeking a new home for him.


How old is he? Turning 3 on 19 September

Is he sterilised? Yes on 10.04.2007

Are his vaccinations up to date? Yes were done in Feb 2009 ,due in Feb 2010

Is he good with other dogs? Yes, he lives with a Weimeraner(they play together all the time )and meets with a Labrador and Jack Russell when we go walking

Has he been around cats? NO

How does he react around children? Friendly but little apprehensive, allows patting

How does he respond to domestic workers/gardeners? Greets maid and gardener when they arrive and seeks attention and cuddles from them

Where does he currently sleep? On a cushion until 10pm ,then shares an outside kennel with  a Weimeraner

What type of food is he eating at the moment? How often? Ultra dog chunks, 2 x day, table snack at lunch time and dog biscuit at bedtime

Does he have any special dietary needs? NO

Is he on any medication? NO

Does he have any favourite toys? Enjoys playing with squeaky toy, rope, enjoys chewy treats

Does he have any favourite things that he likes to do? Daily walk in neighbourhood, chasing and wrestling with the Weimeraner, sniffing around, “hunting ” for food, enjoys travelling in a car

Any strange or funny habits? Particular in arranging himself on his cushion

Is he a very active dog? Active between 6-8amSleeps a lot during the day, playful between 3.30-7:30pm, Playful around 10:30 pm when put out .Very active in those spells

Can you take him for walks at the park? Yes-loves walking ( on a choke chain)

Has he been for any training? NO but can fetch and deliver newspaper, sit for dinner etc

Anything you think we should know in order to ensure we can match him up with the right family. Enzo is a typical beagle-very intelligent, inquisitive, very affectionate and sociable, sensitive and needs a lot of human attention and loves company of other dogs. Enzo would need the company of another dog in the home

Should you be interested, please email Hayley from Animal Rescue Coalition.


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  1. Winique Marnewick says:

    Are you still looking for a home for Enzo. What about the Weimaraner.

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