JHB Review 30 August Hunt

Each hunt brings us closer to the end of our season 🙁

Check out some photos here – they have been updated!

We had a really big turnout today! Even a few new faces. The hunts went off so smoothly it was ridiculous! No dogs went off on their own mission, we didn’t have to send our “search party” after anyone! Made a lovely change.

I also managed to get some good group shots of everyone lining up and getting ready to release (thanks mom!).




Lots and lots of beagles finished all the lines. Although there is not really anything to report about this morning’s hunt, it was a very successful day for all the beagles. I’m sure you are all tired of hearing how fantastically Maya is doing, so I won’t mention it again! :p Congrats to Avon, who finished her first line (I think it was the first time!). Also a well done to a new beagle Gerry – I heard his name being called out a few times, but I never got to meet the boy!

We were really feeling the change of season… it was very very warm! The poor beagles were also suffering a bit with the heat. Now we can see why our season is only during winter.

Look how exhausted poor Harry is (only halfway through the morning!)


After the hunt we had croissants and cold meats, cheese and fruits… Supplied by Jane. It was great to have some time to chat to everyone, and see the beagles without their hunting bibs on – they are SO much cuter naked (hee hee!).

Special thanks to Jane for supplying the breakfast – everything was great! Also, thanks once again to Shaw, and his team for laying the lines for us!!

Our last open hunt is on 13 September at 7:30… you can sign up here.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Anyone who won a trophy last year, needs to have it engraved and RETURNED AT THE NEXT HUNT so we can start organising everything for the prize-giving evening (probably held in November some time).

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