LOST BEAGLE – Radiokop area

Hi Beagle Lovers…

I just got this email from a lady who has lost her beagle 🙁 … please pass this onto anyone in the Radiokop area, and keep your eyes out for him!

My male Beagle – Tigger decided to take a walk yesterday afternoon in the Radiokop area unbeknown to us until much later and despite being microchipped we have been unable to find him.  He has a white face with black, beige and white markings on his back and tail.

Recently when I took a stray Husky to our local vet as he was lost they advised me that they had contacted the Husky association – hence my email to you.   Should anyone share this line of thinking and perhaps contact you advising that they may have found him  – would you EMAIL ME – my name is Heather Coetzer.

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  1. Avol says:

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