Beagle Events in Summer months? – JHB

Hi Everyone,

With the hunting season just about over for this year, I have been getting a few enquiries (especially from new-comers) about what we do in the Summer months…

Our hunts are only held in the cooler months because it is just way too hot for the beagles to run such distances in the heat.

I have been thinking about having a get together once a month in Summer, at various places in JHB (Emmarentia, Walkhaven, Lonehill Koppie etc). So we can all keep in touch, and give our beagles something to look forward to, and keep them in touch with their beagle friends!

I was thinking something very informal, no fees, or replies or (much) organising necessary… Just pitch up where we decide to meet, maybe bring your own picnic basket and just have a fun morning.

Obviously these days would not be “Beagle-Only” events, so those of us with non-beagles can bring the other four-legged members of our family.

Please let me know if you would be interested in joining such an event…! – Just leave a comment below this post, or drop me an email!

– Happy Beagling!


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  1. Tanya admin says:

    I’ve had a great response to this idea… so watch this space for more details… We will probably start in mid october

  2. Donovan says:

    Hi Tanya
    I am a new beagle owner and am interested in getting Nade involved in hunting activities. He only 6 weeks old now but I would like to start getting info w.r.t. hunts. What training is involved to prepare beagles for hunting? How old should they be before their first hunt?

    Thank you

  3. Ray Blignaut says:

    Please cdan you tell me when the next Beagle event will take place an where as I want to bring along my Beagle to meet the clan ?

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