JHB Top Ten – Congrats to…

The Top Ten Challenge was this morning…

as mentioned before the top ten beagles were:

Jesse, Jet, Leo, Matthew, Maya, Oscar, Poppadom, Roger, Roti and Sam.

Unfortunately Jesse did not join us, as he had a run in with a car during the week… We all send him well wishes to be back on his feet SOON!! So, there was just a top nine this morning.

FROM LEFT: Glen, Vick & Lyn with Vicky's hounds Sam and Leo. Shaw with Matthew. Roelf with Maya, Trevor Poppadom, Dilene with Roti. Tanya and Peter with Oscar. Claire with Jet. Raymond with Roger.

--- FROM LEFT: Glen, Vicky & Lyn with Vicky's hounds Sam and Leo. Shaw with Matthew. Roelf with Maya. Trevor with Roti. Dilene with Poppadom. Tanya and Peter with Oscar. Claire with Jet. Raymond with Roger. ---


The scent was laid by motorbike (about 7km long) and the nine beagles were taken to the starting point, scented and released. We had a pretty good view of the line from our position back at the cars. Leo took a very early lead with Matthew, Jet and Oscar not too far behind. Poppadom, Roti, Roger, Sam and Maya brought up the rear.

About three quarters of the way, the beagles encountered a group of about 5 guys walking through the mountains. The more experienced beagles didn’t pay any attention to the people, and carried on with their race. The younger dogs, however, stopped and barked and howled at the group… Unfortunately this threw the younger dogs off a bit 🙁

We were eagerly watching the dogs on the line, and waiting for them to start coming in…

LEO did Vicky proud for the umpteenth time, and came in waaaaaaay ahead of everyone else! Leo is 10 years old and is still super fit and a fantastic hunting hound! Well, well done boy!!

Congrats to Leo - who wins Top Ten 2009 again!

--- Congrats to Leo - who wins Top Ten 2009 again! ---


In second place was ROGER! He came in, tongue hanging and looking ever so proud of himself! I think Raymond almost did a somersault at the sight of his boy 🙂

In third place was little JET! All of 15 months old! Fantastic job boy! Claire was very proud of her little boy when he came running over the finish line!

Fourth place was old MATTHEW who is very nearly 10 years old as well. He has been in the Top Ten for a few years now, but hasn’t finished one in a while. Shaw was also very very proud of his boy for doing such a great job.

A little while later, young SAM (Leo’s grandson) came in with a big beaglish smile on his handsome face.

Unfortunately, the other 4 beagles did not manage to complete the line (but all came back us without any problems, or anyone getting lost). So, even though they did not place, a big congratulations to: POPPADOM, ROTI, OSCAR and the rose among the thorns, young MAYA. Even though they didn’t finish, we are very proud of all of them… And JESSE too!

We have had over 100 beagles come through this season, so, being in the Top Ten is a real honour!

After the challenge, we feasted on a wonderful breakfast provided by Jane – who has done a great job at organising the events this season.

See Pippen's head in the cooler box? :)

--- See Pippen's head in the cooler box? 🙂 ---


There were also some beagles at the hunt to cheer on the Top Ten/Nine. Thanks to these guys for joining us, and supporting the top ten/nine for the morning: Snoopy, Bella, Purdy, Pippen, Rebel, Ninja & Zena (cheering for their little brother Jet), Harry (cheering for his little bro, Oscar), Little Kitana (who is related to Roger) and Meisie.

13 Responses to “ JHB Top Ten – Congrats to… ”

  1. Tanya says:

    congrats everyone – especially to leo!

    it’s a bit disappointing that 4 of the beagles didn’t manage to finish the line 🙁 but they still all did really well – we should all be proud.

    Thanks to everyone who did a great job making this season possible – it’s been wonderful!

  2. Karen says:

    Congratulations everyone! I am sure they are all fast asleep by now.

  3. Marinda says:

    Well done, Leo!!!

    Maya will be back next year, older and wiser…..BEWARE….

  4. Jonathan Felix says:

    Well done to ALL the Beagles who took part. Leo you have done it again…well done 🙂 Basil has gone into training and will be ready next year. Take good care all and see you next season.
    Jonathan & Basil

  5. Tanya admin says:

    So, Maya and Basil have booked their spots for the top ten next year… who else is gonna rise to the challenge!?

  6. Jane Hyslop says:

    Thanks everyone for a wonderfull day. It was such a happy event & so lovely to see everyone so happy & proud of there beagels who had made it into the top 10. Thanks for a great seaon, we will hopefully see you all at the hunt ball on 7th November & find out the placings of the other beagle who all worked very hard this season. Pippen & Rebel are looking forward to the challenge next year. Jane

  7. Anette says:


  8. Respect to all the Beagles for sunday
    it was a very cool event, and it was nice to see some new young beagles, with lots of support.
    Well done to all 10

  9. Sarah says:

    Congrats to Leo, who did it again, and to all of the Top 10 hounds. And Jane, Shaw, Graham, Trevor, Tanya and Peter…among others, thank you for making this a wonderful season!!!

  10. Raymond says:

    Hey Roger you made me very proud. Now we can only improve. You have caused quite a stir….Well Done!!!!
    Special thanks to those whom supported Roger on Sunday, much appreciated.

  11. Martin says:

    Congrats to the top10! Sorry we couldnt make it to the last run-would have loved to be there. Denver had an awesome season for a newcomer, he will defnitely be back in 2010-WATCH OUT! Tanya,Pete,Shaw,Jane and all of the people that make these hunts possible-you can all give yourself a pat on the back,it is the best thing ever!!
    Love, peace and respect, Martin, Michelle and Denver.

  12. Lyn says:

    Leo – well done my boy! This is the 7th time that you have won the Top Ten. This is a fantastic record and a challenge to all you youngsters out there to bet. As your handler I’m very proud of you. You are a special boy.
    Congrats to Roger and Jet for finishing their 1st Top Ten in 2nd and 3rd place and to Matthew and Sam for finishing the line.

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