Charity Walk

Yesterday was the Charity walk for Animals in Distress.

We saw: Jane with Pippen and Rebel, Trevor & Dilene with Poppadom & Roti, Karen & Robert with Lucy, Gavin & Carmel with Snoopy and his Jack Russel brother… and Tanya & Peter with Harry and Oscar. There was also another couple with 2 beagles. So, all in all, 10 beagles! I think the only breed that outdid us in numbers was the Golden Retriever 🙂 Oh, and Glen and Lyn who come to out hunts with Vicky were also at the walk, with their 4 ENORMOUS Irish Wolfhounds!

There was a 2.5km walk and a 5km (which was the 2.5km walk twice). I think everyone except Jane signed up for the shorter walk. Once we had done our round, Jane persuaded us all to keep going once more… which we all did 🙂

It was quite a big turnout, which I was happy about – it’s always good so see support for a great charity. There were even prizes for the people who finished first, and doggy treat bags for most of the dogs! They had lots of tubs full of water for all the dogs, and an MTN gazebo handing out water bottles to us humans. The weather was nice and overcast, so we didn’t even overheat.

After the walk some of us took a walk around the paddocks to see the horses and donkeys who live there. There were 4 tiny little foals who were VERY VERY cute! Some of the horses were a bit unsure of ALL the dogs who had come to visit… but mostly, everyone was very chilled.

Aaaww, little foals!

Aaaww, little foals!

The donkeys were all SUPER friendly and extremely cute! I didn’t get any pictures of the beagles unfortunately! (I wasn’t planning on doing a post on the site)… but I did get this photo of my beagle, Harry giving one of the very friendly donkeys a kiss! I was amazed that Harry was so very brave!

beagle/donkey love!

beagle/donkey love!

It was a very enjoyable morning, and it was great to see Snoopy, Poppadom, Roti, Lucy, Pippen, Rebel, Harry and Oscar together again!

We are having a beagle fun day at Walkhaven next Sunday, for anyone who would like to come and have a relaxing day with their dogs (not beagle-exclusive!) Click here for more details and to sign up.

Until then,

Happy Beagling!

– Tanya

7 Responses to “ Charity Walk ”

  1. Meryl says:

    awwww man – cyoot!

  2. Jo says:

    Katie and Trey were also there… so there were 12 beagles in attendance!

  3. Tanya admin says:

    Oops, sorry Jo! I wouldn’t have recognised Katie and Trey, coz they are new to our hunts! … were they the ones in the pink and blue harnesses?

  4. Jo says:

    No problem! 🙂 They both had red harnesses on and were in charge of dragging my mom, my mom’s friend, my brother and I around!

  5. Bev Richards says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely feedback. Hope to see you again next year!!

  6. Tanya admin says:

    @Bev oh yes!! count us in 🙂 Beagle Power all the way

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