Bailey is HOME!! Bailey is HOME!! Thank you!

What wonderful news is this!!??
3 weeks later and about 50km from home!

Hi everyone!

Kerry and I are EXTREMELY happy to announce that Bailey is HOME safe and sound!!!!!! YAH!!!!!!!

She was found by Bernie and Sheila, a lovely couple in Mayfield Park (roughly near SouthGate shopping mall south of JHB city centre!!!) (have a look for Mayfield park on to get an idea!). I have no idea how Bailey got so far south, but she is definitely a tough little cookie and survivor! Bernie and Sheila were great, they rescued Bailey from between their fence and a neighbouring golf course fence, dipped her for ticks and even fed her garlic polony to ward off Biliary! Bailey even made friends with their two little sausage dogs! She has a few cuts and scratches and is quite skinny, but nothing serious and nothing loads of treats can’t fix! Bailey couldn’t have landed with a better couple! A HUGE thank you to Bernie and Sheila!!!! And thank you to all of you that helped us!!! Kerry and I were truly blown away by everyone’s support, we can’t even begin to express our gratitude!

Please forward this to all your friends to which you forwarded our original “lost dog” email to and all those who helped.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!!

Tail-wagging regards from
James and Kerry and Spencer and Bailey !

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  1. tanya says:

    SUCH wonderful news!!!
    can’t tell you how ecstatic i am for you guys to have your family complete again!
    Lots of beagle love, from Tanya, Peter, Harry and Oscar
    – Midrand – JHB, South Africa

  2. Melissa says:

    Welcome home Bailey!
    Your mom and dad must be very happy that you back home! Time to catch up on some cuddles and treats!
    Lots of love, Melissa and little Lola the Beagle.

  3. Pam says:

    This has just made my day!!

    Welcome home Bailey. I was just thinking about you in this rainy weather.

    Lots of love from Pam, Rob and the two beagle brothers Bailey and Basil

    See you at Walkhaven!

  4. Rae-Ann says:

    Wow – this is really the best news of my week. Bailey and Family you been in my thoughts & prayes so often. She is a real little fighter. YOU GO GIRL – WELCOME HOME!
    Anton, Rae-Ann & beagle Sasha xxx

  5. Welcome Home Bailey
    Glad you are safe !!!

  6. Ros Hefer says:

    So glad to hear Bailey is safely home. Every time I look at my grand-dogs (beagles) I think of Bailey.
    Ros Hefer, Tanya Meintjes, Beagels: Troy and Vicky xx

  7. I am so happy for Bailey and her family. I know what it is like to have a beagle come up missing (my Marcie used to go walk about), though never strayed that far, but was as good at finding help.

    Hugs to the rescuers!

    Kathleen Weaver
    Dallas, Texas
    My agility partners are Macy and Maggie

  8. Bev Leitch says:

    Wow Im so relieved Bailey is home. I thought she would never be seen again. Just cant imagine how she got to where she did. My day has been made by this great news.
    Bev and Beagle Terry

  9. Shannon Leitch and Beagle says:

    I am so glad Bailey is home!!!!!Keep on Rocking Girl!!!!Lots and lots of Hugs!!!! WELCOME HOME BAILEY!!!!!!!

  10. martin says:


  11. Bella Dovey says:

    I have been away for 10 days and was SOOO THRILLED to read that Bailey has been found. Your Mom & Dad must be very happy to have you home. Take it easy Bailey!!
    Lotsa luv Bella Dovey & family

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  13. Leanda Westraat says:

    Welcome home Bailey!!!
    You had us all so worried and praying so hard for your safe return!!!
    God is good!!!!
    Make sure you give your mom & dad the Biggest Licks EVA!!!
    Hope to see you at next seasons hunt!
    Lotsa loves
    Gary, Leanda & Family

  14. tanya says:

    So wonderful to see all the welcome home wishes for bailey and her family!!

    Apart from all of these on here (and the numerous emails I receieved) we had people praying for her safe return from as far as:

    Cape Town
    America – Florida
    America – California

    and of course all the people from JHB/PTA!

    and these are just the people *I* know about!

    Much love guys!

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