Lots of Beagles needing new homes

Hi Everyone…

for some reason, the last week or so, I have been inundated with emails from people who are looking at rehoming their (young adult) beagles.

This breaks my heart! Please see if you can help any of these guys out by providing them with a new mommy or daddy & beagle siblings!

** Also – I know that when you are looking at getting a new dog, there is NOTHING in the world that compares to a beagle puppy… but please remember that there are slightly older dogs who need just as much love – and possibly less work to house train them! Please think carefully before buying a puppy! **

Please take a look at all these different beagles looking for new families… Some are pairs and want to stay together, others are “single”…

Those who don’t have pictures up yet, may have some pics in a few days – I’m trying to get the pics updated


BURT & PATSY (these two are actually Oscar’s brother and sister … Oscar of Top Ten Fame!) MUST BE REHOMED TOGETHER! … HAVE BEEN REHOMED


Beagle’s Names: BURT & PATSY

SEX: 1 x MALE … 1 x FEMALE


Is s/he registered? NO

Is s/he sterilised? YES – BOTH ARE

Is s/he microchipped? YES

Is s/he friendly with:

Dogs: YES

Cats: – unknown – pls enquire with owners


Area: JHB

Reason for rehoming: Burt and Patsy’s parents have recently had a baby and feel they are really not giving the dogs what they need, as they exceptionally attentive and need attention. They get naughty when they don’t have attention. They feel guilty that they want more love and playing than they are getting now.

Other: They are lovely natured, very affectionate and attentive. Patsy is very energetic. Burt less so. They are very sociable at the park and remarkably obedient for Beagles. Always come back to you when called
They must not be separated. Will not let them go unless both go to same home. They are great friends

CONTACT: Caroline Turner-Babb – email


Beagle’s Name: TEXAS (he has come to a few hunts in 2009) HAS BEEN REHOMED


Age : 1 YEAR 3  MONTHS

Cost : R500


Is s/he registered? NO

Is s/he sterilised? NO

Is s/he microchipped? NO

Is s/he friendly with:

Dogs: YES

Cats: – NO

Children: YES

Area: Pretoria East

Reason for rehoming: The owner has moved, and the garden is too small for Texas who is getting frustrated.

Other: He is very playful,loving and intelligent knows basic commands.

CONTACT: Reinhard – Email



Age : 18  MONTHS


Is s/he registered? unknown

Is s/he sterilised? YES – both are

Is s/he microchipped? NO

Is s/he friendly with:

Dogs: YES


Children: YES


Reason for rehoming:

The children in the family don’t want the dogs anymore, because they are not cute little puppies anymore!!!! These two have been dumped at their kennels and not fetched again! *makes me MAD*

Other: A lot of time and effort was spent training both of them so they are fully trained: can walk on lead very well, sit, stay, roll over etc Very well behaved.

CONTACT: Beagle Info – Email


Beagle’s Name: Stitch


Age : 3 YEARS


Is s/he registered? unknown – pls contact owner for more info

Is s/he sterilised? unknown – pls contact owner for more info

Is s/he microchipped? unknown – pls contact owner for more info

Is s/he friendly with:

Dogs: YES

Cats: – unknown – pls contact owner for more info

Children: YES

Area: unknown – pls contact owner for more info

Reason for rehoming: unknown – pls contact owner for more info

CONTACT: Wendy – Email


17 Responses to “ Lots of Beagles needing new homes ”

  1. Virginia says:

    Oh, this is so heart breaking- i can’t believe so many people are thought-less about getting puppies and then discarding them when they are bored or tired or whatever, how do you get people to think first

  2. Terry-Sue says:

    I agree with Virginia. Surely when you love, you do it with a whole heart? I can’t imagine moving somewhere without my precious darling. If I had to chose between a small garden and giving up my dog, I would seek alternate accomodation without question. Some things are more valuable than material wants 🙂

  3. Tanya admin says:

    Virginia and Terry-Sue … it breaks my heart thinking about these people and beagles…

    Let’s pray that we NEVER find ourselves in a situation where we have to give up our dogs.

  4. michelle says:

    Gosh, i wish i could take one, but we just have no space! Shame poor puppies. Grrr people who abandon their pets should be shot! If you cant keep it, don’t get it.

  5. Bruce says:

    I cannot believe that Burt and Patsy’s parents are abandoning them because they have a new baby. Our 2 were introduced to our baby when we brought him home and have continued to be an integral part of the family. One of our joys is to go for long walks with the pram and beagles on lead.

  6. tanya says:

    Bruce, I agree with you about the baby and dogs being important parts of the family…

    I think it’s important (and fun) for kids to grow up with pets on the home. Its good for everyone involved.

    I’m sure it is difficult to give the dogs and the new baby all the attention to keep everyone happy – but it certainly is worth the effort

  7. tiffany says:

    I would love to give a beagle a home – one that needs love and a place to chase balls. Please could anyone who knows of beagles needing rehoming let me know by email tiffanytracey@gmail.com

  8. Carolyn says:

    Beagles are the best family pets, but unless people understand that they are requiring constant affirmation, and praise and especially routine, you will no doubt have the best beagle friend in the world, wouldn’t change mine for anything, great character, has us in stitches, runs and runs around the farm with his Boxer playmate. “he is fortunate that he has the space to run, dont ever expect a Beagle to be happy in a small space, that just aint right.
    Happy Beagle year for those who have a Beagle friend in their life.
    Jodie and Carolyn @ Countryside Pet Hotel

  9. Tracey says:

    I am looking for an adult Beagle to adopt. Preferably female as I have a male labrador. If anyone knows of a Beagle needing a new home, please email me – tracey.holme@ogilvy.co.za

  10. Derick Brits says:

    I was so fortunate and lucky to adopt a 5 year old female Beagle with the name of Nuschka middle October 09 and what a pleasure to have her. I love her to bits and she has the coollest personality and so addorable plus full of energy,emotion and love. Shes part of my life and world. I think Beagles are so special and cool when they sre older. Love you Nuschka

  11. Renier says:

    Hi. I am looking for a beagle to adopt. Female, preferable about 12months old. I have an adopted basset/beagle/jack russel cross and would love to get him a playful friend as he is VERY energetic. If anyone knows of aomething similar I would gladly adopt her

  12. JOAN says:

    hi i have a wonderful client who wants to adopt or rescue a beagle instead of buying a pup from a breeder. has a lovely little boy beagle and they love their dogs previous ones died like at 15yrs. awesome family for a rescue beagle.

  13. Cynthia says:

    We are very interested in a beagle pup or age 1 – 2 years. We would rather adopt one that needs re-homing. Please contact us on 0827894338 or per email.
    Thanks so much Cynthia & Graham

  14. Zine says:

    we have a 3 month old beagle pup! we absolutely love him but understands his need of a furry friend.
    we want to adopt or buy a female beagle and she can be a cross and a little older..
    email me if you know of a female doggy thats needs a home!

  15. Suzanne says:

    Please – if there are any young Beagles that need a home, I would like 2. They should be able to get along with cats…

  16. Werner says:

    Hi there

    I am a businessman in Graaff-Reinet (Eastern Cape)

    I have two daughters 3 & 6 years old “Hounding” me for a puppy !

    Do you know of anyone that is looking for a good home ?

    Cell 0833799673
    Tel : 049-8922640

  17. Margie says:

    Looking to buy or adopt a female Beagle.

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