Walkhaven Meetup for 20 December

Hey Everyone…

our last Walkhaven day for the year will be on Sunday 20 December at 2pm. I know some of you might be away… but we’ll have a run for you guys πŸ™‚

What I would like to do, is ask everyone who comes to please bring something to donate to Animals in Distress from your beagle. I will drop off all the donations to the society, on behalf of the Beagles!

Donations can be:

  • Cat or dog food (tinned or dry)
  • Old (or new!) blankets or towels
  • Any animal bedding (as long as it is machine washable – ie none of that horrible grey underfelt stuff)
  • Newspapers (to use in the hospital area)

This is not by any means compulsory, but it would be greatly appreciated and go a long way in helping animals who are not as fortunate as your beagle πŸ™‚

If you would like to donate something, and cannot make it to Walkhaven on 20 Dec, please email me or see Animals in Distress’s website for more info.

I hope you can make it! – See you there!!

Sign up on Facebook, or on the beagle site.


– Happy Beagling,


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