Barnaby the Basset is a celebrity

Hey Guys…

we all know Barnaby the basset who joins us at the beagle hunts in JHB… well, I bet you didn’t know that Barnaby is FAMOUS!? He was in a TV advert a few years back… you can see he looks much younger than as we know him now…

So, next time you see him, make sure you ask him for his autograph!!

4 Responses to “ Barnaby the Basset is a celebrity ”

  1. Buddy The Boxer says:

    Whatever, he can’t even talk and he obviously does tricks, he’s a chop.

  2. Chop's mother says:

    To Buddy the Boxer

    This is the Chop’s mother. Please don’t bully my little angel on the playground, not speak ill of him on websites. I know your father.

    Much love

  3. I just don’t get Basset hounds, look at me, I’m a Basset hound, I’m digging a hole.

    @chop’s mother pfffffft.

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