Thanks for the Donations :) and Walkhaven 20 dec

Our Walkhaven day was a combination of “beagle-fun-in-the-sun” and a bit of a charity drive for Animals in Distress .

A lot of people were already away for their Christmas holiday… but I was blown away by the generosity of everyone who was at Walkhaven with their donations… there was so much stuff, our back seat was FULL and I had to get my friend, Michelle, to take 4 big bags of dog food with her in her car!! – she doesn’t have dogs, so I knew I could trust her with it! hee hee 🙂

Look at all of this stuff… (and this is without the 4 bags Michelle took home for me)




Donations were:

  • about 8 x big bags dog pellets
  • A couple of smaller bags of pellets
  • about 20 tins of dog food
  • gravy pouches
  • bowls
  • collars and leads
  • blankets
  • lots of Bob Martin goodies (tick/flea collars, shampoo, deworming tablets, fly spray etc…)
  • even a toy!
  • Some Kitty pellets and tinned food
  • Doggy treats – chew sticks and Beenos

Special thanks to everyone who donated something… I know they Animals in Distress will REALLY appreciate it!

Vicky… and Leo, Jesse, Sam, Miranda, Jolly & Sophie
Gavin & Carmel… and Snoopy & Koda
Karen & Robert … and Lucy
Martin & Michelle… and Denver (who donated all the prizes he won in a photo competition! – very kind, thanks Denny!)
Terry Sue… and Saffron
Jane… and Pippen & Rebel
Trevor & Dilene… and Poppadom & Roti
Jacqui… and Baxter
James & Kerry… and Spencer & Bailey
Calia… and Bailey
Peter & Tanya… and Harry & Oscar


Some photos from yesterday… photos are thanks to Carmel and Gavin!!


SNOOPY – is he wet…??!!?


lots of beagles – and KODA barking for the ball!


SNOOPY in full flight!


POPPADOM OR ROTI – I’m sorry guys, I can never remember who is who!


HARRY looking exceptionally handsome 🙂


Beagles checking out the ball in the dam… OSCAR is going in! LUCY, SNOOPY and HARRY watching


OSCAR with his ball… being chased by HARRY and KODA


OSCAR and his ball!


It was a very hot day and we all had lots of fun… our next beagle day will be at Delta Park – for a change… and we’ll see which we prefer 🙂

Keep an eye on the website for more details and also for the dates of the hunts for 2010~!!

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