2010 Hunt Dates!

Hey Guys…

ok, the dates for the 2010 hunts are as follows:… we will put times up a bit later on – but it’ll be at 7:30 or 8am – depending on how deep into winter we are.

2010 Hunt Dates – JHB

11 April (more casual for the first timers)

25 April

09 May

23 May

06 June

20 June

04 July

18 July

01 August

15 August

29 August

12 September

03 October (TOP TEN – start the training now πŸ™‚

Ball/prize giving – 31 October


So, start telling your beagles it’s time to shape up! Get those paws into gear… There will be lots of new competition!! πŸ™‚

We’ll still have our meetups in January, February and March… but from April it’ll be hunting, hunting, hunting!

See you guys soon!!

3 Responses to “ 2010 Hunt Dates! ”

  1. Poki says:

    could you please supply me with directions to where the hunt will be held?

  2. Tanya admin says:

    Hi Poki… the directions are on http://beagles.co.za/directions/

    (or if you hover over “field days” in the top navigation menu, a drop down menu comes up with some links – directions being one of them!)

    hope to see you at a hunt soon!

  3. Philene says:

    Please could you tell me about the Beagle Day at Delta Park? We have not attended a hunt before, but would like to start this year. Thank you

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