LOST BEAGLE – Delta Park

Hey Everyone…

yesterday at our Delta Park get together, a little beagle went missing…

Her name is Rachel, she’s a 9month old tri-colour female. She has a pink collar with a Rogz name tag (Altho her collar might come off).

Please forward these details to anyone you know who lives/works/walks in and around the Delta Park area.

Her mom and dad are very worried about her… if you do spot her, the numbers to call are:

Pierre on 083 644 6997 or Michelle on 083 233 4967

SEARCH PARTY: We are having a search Party for Rachel this afternoon from about 4pm at Delta Park and the surrounds… if you are able to come and help, please do!! Keep the above phone numbers on your cell phone please!

5 Responses to “ LOST BEAGLE – Delta Park ”

  1. Niel says:

    Sorry to hear, let us know if you have found them

  2. Tim says:

    Hey guys, any luck finding Rachel?

  3. Michelle Gouws says:

    Hi guys,
    First of all I would just like to thank everybody in the beagle club on behalf of our family for the help on searching for Rachel. I will be eternally grateful for the tremendous kindness you guys have shown us. Unfortunately I cannot give you any good news. We searched again today until dark to no avail. I have also put up posters in the surrounding area and contacted the vets and SPCA. Please forward the news to all your friends in your inbox who live in the Jo’burg area. I would also like to especially thank Tania and Kerry who have been astounding. Your help has carried us through this. God bless. Michelle

  4. Michelle Gouws says:

    Hi guys,
    Still no word on Rachel. The Blairgowrie community has also really gotten involved in the search and we are very grateful for any help we get. I was at Delta park again yesterday, but I assume she is not there anymore as we have searched every corner of the park by now. The only hope now is that someone picks her up and return her to us. Thanks again for all the help guys!

  5. Colette Fourie says:

    Hi all,
    Any good news? Did they find Rachel? I truly hope so as i couldn’t imagine living without my beagle!

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