JHB hunt review – 25 April 2010

After having experienced the coldest weather in gauteng ever (!!!) on saturday, we were all rather sceptical about whether there would even BE a hunt! It rained most of saturday and we all waited with baited breath to see what sunday morning would bring…
I woke up at 5:30 to pitch darkness, but no rain! yay!!

put on every item of winter clothing i owned and off we went – not expecting too much of a turnout!

Surprise! There was quite a big group today!! I would estimate close on 30-40 dogs…? Even a couple of new people – so brave to come out in this weather – well done guys!!

Our usual organisers were away this weekend… so we had a new team who stepped up to walk the lines, go over rules, blow the whistle… so, SPECIAL thanks to Gavin, Robert and Peter for standing in!!

the beagles seemed on a bit of a go-slow today, as very few of them finished the lines… BUT we did have a couple of the new dogs doing really well and Kujo finished a few times – today was his very first hunt!! Well done Kujo!

Well done KUJO!!

Kujo’s sister, Tammy, was more interested in running off on her own mission than sticking with the pack!

Before we even started our hunts… Roti decided to roll in some, ummm, rather unsavoury smelling stuff… which meant he had to run the lines naked! – Sheesh Trevor, you take one day off and look what happens to your dog… running around naked – sies!!


Naked boy!!

Naked beagle!

Roti’s brother, Poppadom telling him how he smells… (or was it how good…?)

oh… and there was THE CUTEST little puppy who came to watch the hunt today!! Her name is Daisy… she was so tired and cold after a while, her mommy bundled her up in her jacket and she fell fast asleep and had special cuddles!!

Cutest thing i saw all day!!

And little Penny had her customary nap on a tuft of grass…

I'm trying to sleep here!!

By the way, Penny is still trying to grow into those ears!!

What you talking about? I have tiny ears!

Basil and Enzo were having a competition to see who could look the saddest…

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - who is the saddest of them all 🙁

Humphrey‘s pack with famous Barnaby in his stylin’ pajamas were there to support Ben… I personally think that Barnaby wore his PJ’s to try and detract from the fact that he’s not *actually* a beagle… shhhh – dont tell him we noticed ;p

How cool are Barnaby's PJ's ... very slimming!!

Ben doing his best impression of “Chinese Eyes”

"Pilchards and 'flied-lice' please"

Pilchards and "Flied-Lice" please

Two of our new recruits who got their mom and dad to brave the weather… Pavlov and Piccolo with their dad

Denver crying out for his one True Love… “Oscar, where are yoooooooooooou!!!!???”

Maya is back on form and running (and baying) like a crazy little beagle 🙂

Beagle Brothers, Harry & Oscar ready to rumble!

Lucy had to be restrained by her mom, as all she wanted to do was take off after her dad who was walking upfront laying the scent!!

and what would an update be without a photo of our very own mascot… Snoopy!! 🙂  ahhhroooo!

THANK YOU to everyone for braving the cold damp weather… hope all the new beagles had fun!!

REMEMBER to treat against ticks, fleas and worms (we do sell medication for all of these pests – pls enquire!!)

Our next hunt is on 9 MAY AT 7am… sign up here

We would love you guys to leave comments on our posts… whether you were there or not 🙂 let us know how you enjoy the hunt, our site, the super cute photos… we love hearing feedback from all you beagle huggers out there!!

Until next time, Happy beagling!

7 Responses to “ JHB hunt review – 25 April 2010 ”

  1. Tim says:

    It was not that cold!! Enzo and Basil slept all day at my house while we had a braai, thanks for the great day really had a good time!

  2. Jonathan Felix says:

    Quite right Timmo, it was a rather mild day!
    Thanks Tanya for the very swift update…those comments of yours got me in stitches 🙂 Ben and his “flied lice”

    Thanks everyone for an awesome day.

  3. Misty says:

    My first hunt- Beagle Hunt,
    By Misty – The Beagle
    25 April 2010
    My human mommy woke me up early; it was so early the birds were not even up. The sun was hiding behind misty clouds and I was cuddling under the warm blankets right against my human daddy.
    My mommy told me we going somewhere – I didn’t want to go, I wanted to sleep some more. She tried to pick me up, but I made myself heavy, very heavy. I let my bones go all soft and dug in deep into the mattress. She won and soon we were in the cold car.
    We live in Centurion and we drove and we drove, I had my one eye open, I was a bit inquisitive as to where she was dragging me to. Then we came to my nana’s house, she lives in J’burg. I thought – Puppy School! We going to puppy school, my nana always go with to puppy school – yippee! I love puppy school, I am going to see my friends, I licked my nana’s face gave her a kiss right in the mouth, sharing a bit of my bird pooh that I had yesterday. I am very clever with the bird pooh, I wet it in my mouth, spit it out and rolled into it, the birds cannot smell me, and one day I am going to catch one. I know my mommy will be sad if I do, but I am a hunting dog. Now I am so excited, I yelped a bit, and danced on the back seat – puppy school, I haven’t been there for a few months now.
    We drove, and we drove, I could hear my mommy and nana were excited. Then we came to this dark place, still no sun, but no rain. They parked the car in a field, they did not know where to go, they were so early, nobody else was there yet – and there were no puppies, I was all alone. My mommy let me out of the car, what strange smells, but I was not scared, I was with my mommy and nana.
    Then all these other cars came and I could smell doggies, lots of doggies. We followed the cars until we came to a parking lot in the middle of this huge field – what a magic place. And to add to the magic, the sun broke weakly through the clouds, but it was so cold.
    Beagles were let out of the cars. I was right, this was puppy school! I smelled and smelled but not one of my friends from puppy school were there. All the doggies were very friendly and greeted each other, they later told me they have not seen each other for a long time and there were a few new beagles. It was the beginning of hunting season. I had no clue what that meant but I was not scared, nor sirree, was I excited.
    All the beagles got bibs with numbers or letters on. The humans were talking a lot, I was not listening, I was making friends. I liked Lucy, or was it Maya, and Penny, she is still a baby and she had a pink bib on; I had a green one.
    All of a sudden the dogs went quiet, another dog had arrived, a beagle, but it looked like a St. Bernard, the fur on the scruff of his neck was standing up, making him look even bigger. Maybe he goes to gym with his daddy.
    When the humans were through talking (or perhaps just making friends like I was), we walked on leashes through the bush, I couldn’t’ see so well, the grass was long, so we jumped a lot – it was fun. The beagles around me were barking and baying a lot, some were saying they not that fit, but seeing it was the beginning of the season they will get in shape quickly. The big dog was not saying much, just strutting a lot. I stayed away from him. I overheard one of the other dogs, a young male, he was saying to his brother that he did not want to walk behind the big dog; it was very intimidating to look at that….. I was not sure what he meant.
    Then a human (later the day I learnt that he was the Hunt master) let us smell something delicious, just a whiff and he was gone with it, but the smell was there in the air. My mommy took me off the leash but was holding onto my collar. All the dogs went into a barking frenzy. “What is happening?” I asked the beagle next to me, it was a girl; she answered that we must run.
    “Where too?” I asked confused.
    “Just follow the pack,” she told me. Suddenly a whistle blew and the beagles were off, the leaders knew exactly where they were going to, but I stayed with the beagle next to me, her name was Jessie, it was her first hunt as well but she had siblings that done the race before. We could just see the white tips of the leader’ tails, I stopped. Where was my mommy? I must rather go back to her; maybe she was looking for me. I ran back and found them, my humans. My mommy was so glad to see me, and there were other beagles, not all of them ran after the naughty dogs. Puppy school taught me to listen to my mommy. Actually now that I think of it, my mommy didn’t call me back. But I found her all by myself and I was glad.
    Then we did it again, the human let us smell the delicious bag of something, took it away, the whistle blew and off we went. Well some of us, I got so excited I ran with the pack, then I remember my mommy and turned back. Once I ran with Lucy, she is a G.I Jane. Lucy ran, not with the pack, but after the smell. Maybe that is what I am supposed to do, hunt the smell, mmmm; I must give it a try. At the end of each run the humans called out names from a sheet of paper and G.I Jane was always there with the leaders, so were, Oscar, Oliver, Harry and a few other that I don’t know yet. Maybe I should run with them next time.
    We did this five times. I was so, so tired, all that running and jumping and smelling, this was much better than puppy school, it was Beagle Heaven. Thank you mommy for taking me.
    Misty – the soon to be G.I Jane.

  4. Gary "car guard" Westraat says:

    I am never surprised to see just how intelligent beagles can be…………Trevor, I think your dawg is trying to tell you to change your team.

  5. Karen says:

    Wow Misty – such a clever dog! I love your story! I think Barnaby looks like a pirate with his “pajamas” on! All he needs is a patch!

  6. Loraine says:

    This sounds so awesome, cant wait to do this for my beagle! The 9th will be our first hunt, and we are CLUELESS as to what to do, so please babysit us xoxo

  7. Jane says:

    Well Misty after that story I think you need to become the beagle story teller, I am so glad you had as much fun as we all do. My sister & I look forward to meeting you at the next hunt. Perhaps we can show you some tips on how to finish the line. My sister is older & stays at the back of the pack to make sure that the new dogs do not get left on there own or get scared. See you at the next hunt. Pippen & Rebel & our human mom Jane

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