2 beagles need a new forever home (Fourways)

Hey Guys… you may have seen a post a while back about JEMMA needing a new home… She is still looking, but the family wants to rehome her AND William, together… Please circulate to anyone you may know who can help these two beagles find a new forever home.

They are in Douglasdale, Fourways.

Age : Jemma = 4yrs old. William = 6 years old.

SEX : Jemma = female. William = male

Is s/he registered? Yes

Is s/he sterilised? Yes, both are

Is s/he microchipped? No

Is s/he friendly with:

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unsure, never had a cat to test with πŸ™‚

Children: Yes

Area: Douglasdale, Fourways

Reason for rehoming:

Lack of space.


JEMMA: Obsessed with food. Allergic to grass as per out vet, controlled with cortisone tablets.

WILLIAM: A hunter!

BOTH: Play well with other dogs and kids πŸ™‚

EMAIL Marinus van Aswegen

3 Responses to “ 2 beagles need a new forever home (Fourways) ”

  1. Philene says:

    They are sooo cute!!! Hope they have found a new forever home?? Please keep them together! Regards Philene

  2. Rentia Vendeiro says:

    I am totally devasted. We went to the Randburg SPCA last weekend and saw Jemma, whe then decided to adopt Jemma. We had a house inspection and were so excited that we could collect her on Saturday. The SPCA phoned me this morning to inform me that Jemma was checked out by their vet and cannot be re-homed. She will be euthanized because she has a fatal disease and that was the reason why her stomach was so swollen. I am really devastated and still have to tell my son this evening.

  3. Tanya admin says:

    oh my gosh Rentia!! How terrible!
    what an awful thing to happen to you, your son and especially to Jemma!

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