8 month old beagle needs new forever home (Pta SPCA)

Hey Guys…

I don’t know anything about this little guy other than what is listed on the SPCA’s site… he is so cute tho!! and still young… pls help find him a new forever home!!

See http://www.spcapta.org.za/info/Dogs_PTA.asp for more info or contact the SPCA here

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  1. LISA says:

    I would love to home him but I am in PE… I have e-mailed the SPCA in Pretoria to see what they have to say… He really seems really sweet!

  2. Claire Kelly says:

    Have you found a home for him yet? And would he be able to come to Cape Town? I’m looking for a young mail companion for my 2yr old female, Ruby.


  3. Karen says:

    Is he homed yet?

  4. Tanya admin says:

    Hey Guys… if you click on the link supplied in the article http://www.spcapta.org.za/info/Dogs_PTA.asp and have a look, it seems the SPCA has updated and said he was rehomed on 22 april.

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