CAPE TOWN Beagling Update


Hey Guys…

here is a message from CHRISTINE in CAPE TOWN for all you beaglers from the Western Cape… if you would like to be involved in the Cape Town hunts, please email Christine.

Good morning All,

I have had a number of enquires about when the beagle runs for this season are commencing, so I thought I would drop everyone an email to get things started.

2009 Results

A recap of the 2009 results are as follows:

1st place – Merlot with 111 points

2nd place – Chigaru with 108 points

3rd place – Coco with 91 points

Also, congratulations to the following “up and coming” hounds, who also did very well, as it was their first season running!!

Otto – 46 points

Rocky – 19 points

Labri – 19 points

I think that we will have the 2009 prize giving after one of our runs.

2010 Season

I think that we will try and have our first run 23rd May 2010 (depending on the amount of rainfall we have had by then).  I just need to contact the farmer at Anura to confirm that we are all still welcome there.

As per usual, an invite for the run will be sent on the Monday prior to the run.  We require the yes / no’s by the Thursday afternoon in order to prepare the score sheets, drag & sausage.

For the newcomers, do not worry about the tag numbers, these will be sorted out at the first run.

Lastly, I must apologize for my lack of communication this year, but I have been extremely busy working out of town.   On this note, if anyone is willing to assist with the organizing of the runs, the preparation of the drag etc, please let me know.  It would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!



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