JHB Hunt review – 9 May 2010

After arriving at the hunt venue to find the entrance to our hunting valley all dug up… we had to drive a little further down the dirt road to find another track to get into the valley… It was a very bumpy drive for those of us without Jeeps/Land Rovers etc!

Anyway… we made it there safe and sound… Welcomed the new people and set off on our lines. I think this is the very first time that not one dog went for a walk about… we didn’t need our search party at all!! Unless you count 2 of the new dogs who got slightly left behind the pack and couldn’t find their way down the mountain… We were all watching them, and one let out a very mournful “Hooooowwwwwl!!!!” to which the whole group did a communal “Aaaaaaaawwww!” It was very sweet!!

So many of the new dogs are starting to finish the lines! It’s awesome… To name a few: Gerry is doing well, as is Kujo. Kujo’s sister Tammy finished her first line yesterday. Little Blake who is only 10 months old finished a line (he was one of the beagles “lost” on the mountain). And a few others who have slipped my mind! Please leave a comment if you can remember! 😉

Poppadom and Roti conyinued to outshine the rest of the group… it must be their new Liverpool bibs!

Snoopy taking a moment to chill… looks like dad is having a nap too! hehe. PS check out dad’s awesome “Beagle Dad” shirt!!

How cute is Stewie… all kitted out in his new blue bib! He is running a bit further on each line… keep it up boy!

basil was taking it easy at the hunt yesterday… not up to his usual standard!! Check Enzo licking his chops in the background… wonder what he has been eating!

Lucy whipped around at great speed when the bait came past her! How cute is her ear flapping around!! 🙂

Pippen: Pretty in Pink. Pippen is also doing REALLY well this season!

Gerry looking very tired! He’s doing so well too… for his first season… Now he just has to teach his sister, Tosca, to hunt like he does!

Well done to all the beagles, and thanks to everyone involved in the hunts! It was a really fun morning.

See you all on the 23rd May… sign up here… IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: after the hunt on 23 May, we are going to have a Vetkoek breakfast… if you are coming, PLEASE EMAIL ME and let me know how many people to cater for. The cost is R20 per person. I will be sending out an email to everyone, and I ask if you can please reply to that. If you are NOT on my emailing list, please send me a mail to confirm numbers for the breakfast.

Hope to see you all there!

– Happy Beagling!

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  1. Once again thanks to everyone who got involved…excluding Basil who took the day off to be grumpy!

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