JHB Hunt review – 23 May 2010

What a big turnout!! Maybe it was the promise of the Vetkoek breakfast after the hunt 😉

Lots of new faces too!! This was a very successful hunt in terms of new beagles finishing lines! I think “Best Newcomer” is going to be a VERY tough call this year… so, to all the new beagles, keep coming, keep working, maybe you can win a trophy at the year end prize giving!!

How great are these pics of the lines? Thanks Carmel 🙂

Look at them GO!!

I just love those action shots, don’t you?

Anyway… the hunts went REALLY well… up until the second last line where a few beagles went on their own little walk about and we spent AGES looking for a new little beagle, BLAKE … turned out he was back at the cars! It must be said, Blake is doing really well – considering Sunday was only his second time – and he is still a pup! 🙂

Here is Blake getting cuddles (and probably a talking to about disappearing 😉

Little Penny was totally worn out by the end of the morning, and had to be carried around by her dad… what a little princess that one (Penny, not dad!!)

Here are some more beagles at the hunt:





Aimee and Nelson


Wendy and Misty



After the hunt is was time for the much anticipated “Vetkoek in the Veld”… prepared by our very own world renowned chefs, Trevor and Dilene (better known as Poppadom and Roti‘s mom and dad)

Nom Nom

Trevor tucking in himself…

Thanks for going to the trouble guys – everyone really enjoyed it… can’t wait for next time 😉

Here are a few more pics form Duke and Theai’s people 🙂

How cute are these ears!?

Thanks to everyone for making the morning a success!! Our nest hunt is on 6 June at 7am – sign up here


6 Responses to “ JHB Hunt review – 23 May 2010 ”

  1. Carmel and Gavin says:

    Another successful hunt come and gone. This season is going so fast – only two more hunts and we are halfway to TOP 10. Special thanks to “The Chefs” for the amazing Vetkoek in the Veld. It was great. Counting the sleeps to the next one.

  2. Petervs says:

    Thanks Chefs.
    Make the Belly Bigger !!

  3. Thanks guys for a great hunting Sunday. Apologies for Basils grumpy behaviour – he’s having that seen to on Thursday. He may even run faster being 500g lighter 🙂
    See you all in 2 weeks time!

  4. Loraine says:

    Vetkoek completely marvellous.
    Thanks for the care and patience in finding Blake. I wish I could explain to him not to disappear, when he came back, his ears make great tissues for my tears.

  5. tim says:

    Maybe we should cook Basils “vetkoek” for the next breakfast!

  6. Tanya admin says:

    aaaw, Loraine… they do send us on such an emotional roller coaster!! But he was at the cars, where he knew he was safe – they are smarter than we give them credit for – but it doesn’t help our nerves!!

    Tim – i’ll pass in the meat balls… thanks 😉

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