JHB Hunt review – 4 July 2010

We had another successful hunt yesterday! Again a few new beagle faces!! Wow, the new beagles are doing SO WELL!!! We even had beagles finish the lines who had NEVER hunted before! It just shows what a natural instinct this is for them!!
Especially well done to: Billy, Charlie (new Charlie), Blake, Lulu Belle and Winston. It is quite unusual to have dogs running SO well within their first few hunts! Well done guys, keep it up!! You do know there are prizes for various things, including BEST NEWCOMER…?!

Here are some photos of the running beagles… don’t they look happy? 😀

See Avon (65), Pippen (in pink behind her), Lucy (72) and Chelsea (96 – new beagle!!)

Look at them go!!! 🙂

Oh, and so much of cute cute cute CUTE PUPPIES at the hunt! Oh my goodness!!! Denver got a new baby brother, Duke – who is ridiculously adorable!! (he was nearly kidnapped/puppy-napped by a couple of people 😉

And we met a super gorgeous young lady called Lily, who is so soft and lady like!!

and as if that wasn’t enough… another tiny pup arrived, called Rigby and we just HAD to get little Duke and little Rigby together… CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!

after the hunt and the oooh-ing and aaaaah-ing over all the cute pups, we were treated to another delicious breakfast by our very own world class chef, Dilene.

Mmmmm, the pancakes were such a treat!! Tasty savoury fillings of chicken or mince. and then yummy dessert options of sugar & cinnamon, syrup and cream! Yum Yum!!!

the beagles did their best to try and beg for some breakfast too… but weren’t sharing!!

In fact, Harry & Oscar’s dad enjoyed the pancakes so much he begged for a takeaway!!!

It was such a lovely morning out in the fresh air with everyone!! Thank you to all who were involved, and a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to our Chefs Dilene & Trevor (we missed you Trevor!!)

Here is a comment posted by Misty, on her experience of the hunt… thank you Socialite Misty, we love reading your blogs!!

A note from Misty 2 4X4 – the socialite.
Wow what a morning – my mommy’s alarm did not go off; at 6:15 my mommy jumped out of bed, I was warmly wedged between my mommy and daddy. She pushed me out of bed. I did not know what was happening, my mommy was going through the room like a tornado and I thought I might as well do some yoga. While I was in the most perfect “Upside Down Dog Position” my mommy grabbed me to brush my teeth, I thought it was a bit rude of her. And I am sure she used the wrong toothbrush for me, mine got the pink glitter stars on it and hers is plain, but she did not give me a chance to check.
I did not finish my morning yoga either and I did not feel like doing it in the car, who can do yoga on the back seat? Then we picked up my nana and I knew: Beagle Social Club or Beagle Hunt Day as others might call it. I would like to take this moment and explain to all the other new Beagles that there are 3 distinctions in this Club and you have to figure out to which one you belong. I knew immediately to which one I belong.
Group A is an all male pack and we call it the T Club, the T stands for Testosterone. (Hier loop jy saggies, if at all) In this group you find Roti and his brother Poppadom, Basil – A where is that hound! Charlie, and Charlie, Oscar, Enzo, Harry, Kingsley, Roger and Jamie – I am still learning all the names.
Group B is the serious hunters; Pippen, Rebel (Rebel makes sure that the beagles that run the line, specially the new ones, don’t get lost, she fetches them and helps them to the hunt line) Bella, Jemma Lucy, Maya and Blake are part of this group. Blake is a new season hunter; he completed all 5 runs today in top positions – well done Blake. Maya is the Ferrari model and she came in first today in one of the runs. A lot of the T-Club members have dual membership; all the above members of the T-Club are serious contenders of the H Club as well. New or potential new members, don’t worry you will find your niche.
Then there is group C, it is the social Club and I am the leader of this group. Wendy are you joining this group? Any Beagle Socialites must please bark to me and I will introduce you to the rest of Group C. Today I heard a human Lady calling me the Paris Hilton of this Beagle Club. I am getting a new bib with lots of bling on and a new number -244.
Snoopy is our mascot but that is what the humans call him, we call him the Raf-Raf Woof. In human language that is The Mediator. Snoopy is very astute and if there is any trouble brewing he lets us know and he always tells the humans if a dog has gone missing. His mentor is Rebel she handles the hunt side of the day. Snoopy counts the dogs after a run- this takes all his time and for that reason he cannot participate in the runs. The problem is the humans don’t always listen to Snoopy but eventually they cotton on and realize a dog is missing- if only they have listened to Snoopy from the beginning. Penny is Snoopy’s sister and she is very cute, as are all the new babies wanting to join the club when they are a little bit older.
Now we had a bit of an incident at the breakfast after the hunt, the humans have a different view, but this is what really happened: At a breakfast, the first duty of Snoopy is to send out scouts, Kudjo reported that he saw a group of humans that was moving towards the directions of our humans. There was a quick council meeting and Snoopy asked Blake to go and assess the group intentions. Blake agreed he said that he scouted that area before when the humans thought he was lost. When the young men armed with sticks and sjamboks came into view Blake bravely went to greet them, he was under strict instructions from Snoopy and the T Club to only sniff at the men, the rest of the Beagles knew that our T and H Clubs will protect us, if danger persists. I instructed the Social Club to ruff up their neck hair so that instead of looking cute we now looked dangerous.

Warren, Blake’s daddy thought Blake ran off and he went to fetch him, he spoke to the group of young men and reassured them, just like Blake did that we meant no harm. But the young men with the weapons stayed and the T Club of the human men (Peter and Martin) went out and asked them to move on. Snoopy bark instructions and like a squadron we formed a protective shield around our humans and we barked, tails in the air, neck scruff standing like the mane of lions, and we were just as fierce. The men with the weapons then, and only then, moved away. Snoopy, the T & H Club members saved the day, but I must say all the Social Club members did their bit as well, we not only there to socialize, we can fight as well.
I must now say goodnight I still need to do – or rather finished my yoga session which was so rudely interrupted, then I need to brush teeth, with my own toothbrush and not my mommies, she did not even noticed that she brushed her teeth with my toothbrush.
Good night Beagles,

Thank you Misty for taking the time to write such a lovely post 🙂 you will have to teach some your beagle friends how to use a computer 😉

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    Hi, Just read Merlot story what a happy ending. Bless GOD.
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