Beagle Wins Charity’s Gold Awards For Bravery

Three courageous canines are to be honoured by an animal charity for behaviour beyond the call of duty… and one of them is a beagle!!

5 year old Frodo, a Beagle that became a lifesaver one night in June 2008.

Fire swept through the family home in St Bees, Cumbria, and smoke alarms in the house were faulty.

Beagle Frodo in the burnt-out kitchen

Frodo, in the burnt-out kitchen. (Photo: Cumbrian Newspapers)

Sensing danger, Frodo woke up his owner Jenny Barwise and led her through dense smoke to where other members of the family were sleeping.

Frodo was hailed a hero by Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service for his actions.

Read the full story and watch a very cute video of Frodo and the other dogs on Sky News

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