JHB Hunt Review – 18 July 2010

Another successful hunt out in Gauteng yesterday. We met some new beagles as usual… hope they had fun!

After the very cold week we’ve had in JHB, Sunday was quite mild…! 🙂

We had a group of about 35 – 40 beagles

Just look at what a blur these speedy beagles are! (click on the picture for an enlarged version and see if you can spot your beagle!)

Here’s another one of the hounds in action… can you spot your beagle? I can see my Harry!

All the beagles seem to have had a great time… especially on the very last line, where they smelt a rabbit and most went chasing off after that scent instead of the scent we had laid for them! Needless to say, not many beagles finished the last line 😉

Billy, who has only been to 2 or 3 hunts is doing incredibly well!! Now he must teach his big brother Ben how to follow the scent!

Billy the natural hunter!

Harry was completely exhausted after all the running around. And he keeps rolling in the dirt – probably trying to get rid of that embarrassing England flag on his bib 😉

Harry wasn’t the only tired beagle… look how exhausted Poppadom and Roti look!

as usual, all the beagles got some cuddle time in

Lucy getting love from her mom… and Charlie getting a tickle too! (and in the background, Marmalade and Tammy getting scratches and loves)

Roger was also getting a good cuddle!

These 3 ladies were very interested in something… Rebel, Pippen and Bella

Thanks to everyone who makes these days possible! Our next hunt is on Sunday 1 August at 7:30am… sign up here.

We only have 4 more open hunts left in the 2010 season! And then the Top Ten Challenge where the top ten beagles of this season compete in a long line to see who has what it takes!!

After the season is over, and the points have been tallied, we have a black tie prize giving, where all beagles are awarded certificates, and there are rosettes and trophies and other prizes for various beagles… it is great fun and a lovely evening… Hopefully lots of you who have joined us in 2010 will come along to this, it is an awesome way to pay tribute to our hounds who have done us so proud! (see the photos from last year HERE … can you recognize anyone, without their beagles in tow, and not covered in muddy paw prints?? 😉 )


2 Responses to “ JHB Hunt Review – 18 July 2010 ”

  1. Marisca says:

    I ran! I ran!
    I ran the line. I just had to show the H-Club that the S-Club can do it. And Basil came to the hunt again, I had to impress him, show him that the Social Club is more than just playing. I would have run line 5 as well but a hare confused us all with his yummy scent. At home my neighbour, a black cat that I detest dearly is teaching me a valuable hunting lesson – he pee’s on my lawn and leaves his scent all over the garden. I have learnt to follow the scent and track him down. But darn that cat is fast, and can he climb trees. My human daddy said the Hunt Master must just put some of the cat’s pee in a bag and I will find it. So I had to show my human daddy that I can do it without the cat’s pee.
    But the run was exhausting, my mommy had to soak and file my nails; it was such a mess, not to mention the black sooty dust that clung to my coat like……, like sweat to hot body -Yikes.
    Yesterday the Social Club introduced a new debutante to all its members – little Lilly, she got a lot of potential, not only to be a social princess but for the H-Club as well. She is so cute with her lemon coat and puppy energy, she reminds me of Penny.
    Yesterday Penny fell into a deep dark trench. It was so deep it nearly went all the way down to Hades. I was so scared for Penny, but she was brave, she did not even cry. Snoopy ran to call his human daddy, which in my opinion is a Great Dane. My mommy went down the dark cavernous hole and I kept watch, if that dog, Cerberus, Keeper of the gates of Hades try to attack my mommy, I will call the H and the T Club members and they will certainly devour the three headed Hadean monster. But all was well; the little princess was spared the fate of Persephone, she was taken from the trench, with not even a scratch.
    Then it was the end of the day, I had a bone in the car, all I wanted to do was nibble on it and sleep….. Night, night Beagles, wink, wink – that is for Basil. (Don’t tell the humans, but I am not going to run again, my S-Club duties are many with all the new pubs joining the Beagle Hunting Club, and I consider it my first priority.)
    Miss Social Club.

  2. Tanya admin says:

    oh misty, i am so glad to see your “blog comment” 😉

    SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your first line… i’m sure basil was well impressed! 😉

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