JHB Review – 1 August 2010

Out hunting season is slowly coming to an end! It’s getting warmer and the it’s not so dark when we leave home in the mornings!
Again, we had some new beagle faces join us!!

here are some pics courtesy of Snoopy & Penny’s mom 🙂

PS click on the pics if you want a full size version!


Bella W and Toby in their brand new bibs!!

Snoopy and Bella W had a really fun time chasing each other around! I think there might be a beagle-romance here 😉

There was a new beagle at the hunt called B-Girl who is the splitting image of Basil (just half the size!)

Blake was quite insistent on having his photo taken – he followed the camera around until he got snapped! PS how tired does he look! He is hunting really well… keep it up boy!

Little Duke came to support big brother Denver

Beagle Brothers Harry and Oscar showing just how long a beagle-tongue can be!

It was such a lovely sunny morning!

The release!! (click on the pic to see a bigger version and see which beagles you can see!)

just LOOK at this photo and little Billy streeeeetched to maximum capacity!! Wow – he is FLYING!!

All that running is tiring work! 😉


a customary shot of Snoopy – one of our mascots 😉

and to end off… a family shot of Poppadom, Roti and their chef daddy!

Speaking of Chefs… our next hunt will be a brunch afterwards (15 Aug)… our resident chefs have mentioned something like a tasty curry or a bunny chow… if you are coming, please RSVP here and PLEASE let me know how many people are coming, in the comments section of the responder. I will be sending out an email closer to the time to remind everyone 🙂

Thanks to all for joining us, look forward to seeing you on the 15th!

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