Beagle Ball – JHB – 2010

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You have all heard us mention the Beagle Ball – our year end function. This is the end of season function where we all (humans) dress up in formal attire, have a fun evening, a wonderful dinner combined with a prize giving where we find out after a gruelling season where our dogs were placed and honour them.  For those who haven’t been to a Beagle Ball yet, click HERE to see some pics etc!

We have once again had a year with a lot of new talent coming through, a few beagles who may upstage some of the veteran/seasoned beagles and we look forward to finding all this out. Who will be top bitch/dog, who will be our best newcomer, most improved, best puppy & so the list goes on.

As all of you may notice we do not give any indication during the season of where the dogs are placed (and in fact there are only 2 people that have any idea & they are playing mum) which all adds up to the intrigue of the final results. You only get an idea of how the dogs are doing at each hunt by the scores that are called out. The Top Ten Hunt is the first time you will get an idea of top highest scoring beagles but that is just a small part of the whole season.  (See the Top Ten of 2009 HERE)

We did have a couple of venues in mind and did a poll on the beagle website (thanks to all who took part) to get an idea of the venues/areas that people would be happy with. The Bryanston area did come up trumps but we have battled to secure this venue for this year. We have found another great venue called the Sandton Town & Country in Fourways, which after a site inspection by a couple of our members we feel is an ideal venue for our Beagle Club for all sorts of reasons. The primary one being no venue hire, secondly we have the entire place to ourselves with some nice extra homely facilities, third they have given us a great set menu with choices to suit every ones palates at a the reasonable price of R250.00 per head. The club will pick up a large portion of the bar bill this year as a result of no venue hire.

In order to secure the venue we have to pay for all the meals up front which is risky for a small club like ourselves, so we need commitment in the way of an immediate response to your availability to attend, how many of you there will be and money to be paid at the next hunt on the 15th August. This is a great evening and we look forward to a great turnout this year. Please bring your money on the 15th of August, or if you are not able to make the hunt on the 15th, but would like to come to the Prize Giving, please email me and I will send you Jane’s banking details.

The Ball & Prize Giving will be on Saturday 30 October 2010

** For those of you with trophies from last year please ensure that you have had them engraved and Jane will need them returned to her by the top ten (3 October) at the latest!

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  1. ROELF says:

    roelf and Rita will attend. Send bank details

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