JHB Hunt Review 15 August

Almost time for our next hunt and the post from our last hunt isn’t even up yet!!

We had another big group (I think the promise of brunch afterwards may or may not have had something to do with it 😉

Even though the season is very nearly over, we had NEW beagles join us!!
It was a lovely warm day and all the beagles performed well… not one went off away from the pack… our “Search and Rescue Team” didn’t have to go walkabouts!! 😉

Benji the beagle has been adopted! here he is with his new beagle sister, Lucy and his new mom and dad 🙂

(new) Charlie getting tummy tickles!

and they’re off…!!

on the last line, we had some rather unusual guests join us…

this caused a lot of confusion with the scent for the beagles… BUT also caused Snoopy, Penny and Benji to race off after them… which NONE of them have EVER done before!! 🙂

After the hunt, we were once again treated to brunch! This time we had a very delicious chicken bunny chow… yum yum!! Thank you to Trevor and Dilene for organising and cooking for us… it was delicious! 😀

once we had eaten all the food… the lucky lucky beagles got to lick the pot!!!! They enjoyed brunch too!!

What a great morning out in the veld with beagles, good food and lovely people!! Thanks to everybody for making this an awesome season!!

We only have 2 more hunts left, and then the Top Ten!


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  1. Jonathan, Michelle, Toby, Bella Warren says:

    Thank you Trevor and Dilene for the awesome Bunny Chows!! They were really good! Another awesome day out in the sun….c everyone on Sunday.

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