JHB hunt review – 29 Aug 2010

our second last hunt for 2010… and we had almost 10 new beagles!! Hope they all come back next season!

Here is one of the new beagles, Spud, who finished a line!! Well done Spud!

(remember you can click on the pictures to view the full size)

The beagles had a blast running, even though it was very hot and they got tired quite quickly…

Look at them run!


See Poppadom in the front baying?

Aaaand up the mountain!

Lucy and her new brother Benji cuddling… Lucy must teach Benji to hunt now!

Little Duke is growing up into a very handsome beagle!!

Roger showing his long tongue! It really was very hot!

And as usual, Blake was ready with his beagle-ish smile! He is doing very well at the hunts!

On the last line, our customary “non-hunting-beagle” Snoopy (and his little sister Penny) took off after the pack! into the distance!!

Snoopy went so far off on his own and didn’t come back that he ended up getting a bit lost! But we found him soon enough and he was ECSTATIC to be reunited with his mom and dad! Perhaps, after 2 years of coming to the hunts, Snoopy is getting the hang of it…? Lets hold paws!

One more hunt of the season, before the Top Ten… Spectator are very welcome at the Top Ten, dogs not participating must be kept on leads until the challenge is over though!!

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  1. Carmel and Gavin says:

    Watch out Rotadom – here comes Snoopy – lol

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