Baxter the beagle needs a new forever home – CAPE TOWN

Hey CAPE TOWN Beagle Huggers…

Baxter’s family is emmigrating and Baxter the Beagle needs a new home. His family are very very sad to let him go…

he is about 6 years old, neutered and KUSA registered, he is not microchipped. He is fully house trained and sleeps inside in his basket. He is very friendly, gets on well with all other dogs and children. The only time he barks is when people are walking past the house and then its only for a short time. He is not trained as such, but will give a paw for a treat. He loves going for walks as all beagles do.

He has some arthritis in his back legs, but walks fine, although not too keen on running and struggles a little with stairs and jumping on couches, beds, etc. He prefers generally to be around people than other dogs and will do ANYTHING for food. He is a bit of a food monster and our kids walk with their sandwiches in the air as he will happily have a nibble of whatever they have. He will grab any food off any counter he can get his paws on.

He loves sitting on our laps in winter and is very patient. I guess the most important thing for us is that any potential home has to provide at least what we give him or more.

Contact Hayley and Richard on bilskis ( AT ) if you are interested!

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  1. Ian says:

    Hi there Is Basilk still available for adoption, I am a dog lover and have been looking for a beagle, I live in Dubai and am orogonally from CT. I have a masive garden and my Father in-law is at home all day and will wlk him at night and the maid in the morning, there is always someone at home. We have a dog flap, I had to send my dog to SA after my Dda got brutally asulted in CT and lives by himself (76 years old) I want to get a dog that needs a home rather than get a puppy. have had JR for yaers, but they are a little too naughty need mnore placid dog and a beagle immediately came to mind. I will pay for the flight, you will ahve to sort out all vacinations and certificates for travel. Let me know, I would love to have him.Regards Ian Pentz

  2. daleen grundlingh says:

    Is Baxter still available? We have been looking to adopt an older beagle for a while now, but haven’t find one yet. We have one 7 month old beagle pup and we are looking for a companion for her. Pleaselet me know: 072 231 5230/012 346 1150 Daleen

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