JHB Hunt review – 12 September 2010

Yesterday was out last hunt of 2010! I can’t believe it’s over 🙁

It has been a great season, with loads of new beagles, and lots of new talent!!

I love this photo! Look at Denver (number 23) all squashed up and baying! And the beagle in Bib “Z” (edit: Dog “Z” is ROGER – thx jane 😉 also baying his lungs out. And Poppadom on the right with his ears in the air… so cute!!

As usual, there were lots of cuddles going around…
as demonstrated by:
Annie & Avon…:



Andy, Lisa, Billy V…:

And our Veteran(s) Purdy (and George!)

It was really, REALLY hot yesterday, and the beagles were feeling the heat, even before 9am!
Look at the exhausted faces and long tongues…!

Little Duke found the most comfy rock he could, for a little power nap (it’s hard work being so cute!)

HIs big brother Denver also took a power nap against dad’s bag:

Poppadom & Roti (or “Rottadom” as they are known… yes, like Brangalina!!) have been great competitors this year!

Rebel looks completely exhausted (but very happy!!)!

Lucy and her brother Benji relaxing in the car after a long hot morning:

We had a surprise visit from Vicky and 3 of her hounds… including Leo, who won the Top Ten for many years… he must have been glad to be back – and hunted beautifully! He’s looking good too, for being 11years old!

It was, as usual, a great morning out.

THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in any way this year:
Jane & Dana for all the prep and organisation and admin
Shaw for doing a great job at walking monstrous distances in record time laying the lines
Raymond for scenting the hounds and walking up ahead
Carmel for the photos every week and for keeping track of the points all year
Peter and his “search parties” who run around the mountains and valleys to locate dogs who go on their own mission
Trevor for being the official “vuvuzela blower” at the lines
Trevor and Dilene for the delicious spreads they have fed us throughout the season
AND all the other Beagle Mom’s and Dad’s who have stepped in to release extra dogs, or walk the line when we were short a person or two, or helped in any way possible!!

If it wasn’t for you guys, the scent hunts would not be nearly so successful!

I have made lots of friends through these outings, and I hope you have too!!

The names of the TOP TEN beagles will be released later this week (probably on Wednesday morning) soooo… be sure to visit the site then, to see who made it and leave a HUGE congratulations to the top ten!
The Top Ten event will be on SUNDAY 3 OCTOBER at 7am… spectators are welcome, BUT all non-participating beagles MUST be kept on leads while the Top Ten is in progress! (click HERE to see the top ten of 2009…)

Also, keep an eye on the site for our monthly summer Walkhaven social days which became rather popular last summer! Its nice to keep in touch with all our beagle friends while we are not hunting.

5 Responses to “ JHB Hunt review – 12 September 2010 ”

  1. Carmel and Gavin says:

    And a very big THANK YOU to Tanya and Peter for an amazing beagle website and for all the updates and posts. It is great to be able to look back at all your old blogs and remember the moments of a very enjoyable and successful hunting season. Thanks a million guys.

  2. Jane, Rebel & Pippin says:

    Yes I agree Carmel, without the wesite we would probably still have 15 odd beagles running during the season & not the number we have had. A big thanks you to Tanya & Peter.
    PS the dog in “Z” was Roger on Sunday who forgot his regular bib at home.
    PPS, very excited for the Top 10. & I hope lots of you come to support this years top beagles & socialise with the humans.

  3. jenna long (blakes mom) says:

    wish we had of been there and hey im Blakes owner no loraine its me

  4. Loraine says:

    Blake is much better thank you. He is over the shoe / plastic / rubber / string / rope / miscellaneous which he had eaten.
    See you at TOP TEN! Oh my!

    PS: Jenna will resubmit her post in acceptable English shortly!

  5. jenna long (blakes mom) says:

    Sorry! I got moaned at for my appaulling english. Im not supposed to be smsing here! So I will rewrite my comment: I wish I had have been there on Sunday, looked like it was great fun!(I’m sure Blake thinks so too). And I’m Blake’s mommy, not Loraine Long!
    Well done my boy, you made top ten!
    And a huge congrats to the other adorable beagles who made top ten!!!
    I hope you all got LOTS and LOTS of tummy tickles!!!:-)

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