Top Ten Beagles – Gauteng 2010!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following beagles for making the Top Ten!:

(In Alphabetical order)


What a great mixture of beagles!! It’s good to see a few more females in the running this year, and lots of beagles who have never been in the Top Ten before! (Blake, Harry, Kujo, Lucy and Pippen).

And special congratulations to Blake who is just over a year old, and only joined us this year!! VERY Well done, boy!!

And also, very well done to Kujo who is also a youngster and only joined us this year… well done to you to, boy!!

Great going from Lucy and Pippen, joining Maya in the “Girl Power” group!

Awesome to see Harry up there, joining his little brother, Oscar, in the Top Ten.

And well done to Maya, Oscar, Poppadom, Roti and Roger for their Top Ten spots once again!!

This is a fantastic achievement! We have had well over 100 beagles this season, so, these top ten beagles really ARE something special!

The Top Ten will be held on Sunday 3 October at 7am in our usual spot. We’ll have a celebratory breakfast afterwards – at R20 per person. Spectators are welcome, but non-competing beagles must be kept on lead while the Top Ten are competing.

Here is a full list of specs on these beagles – again… VERY VERY WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU!!

Please leave your congratulatory messages in the comments section below – and feel free to list your predictions of what you think the result will be!!

– May the best beagle win!! <3

(If you are interested to see where these beagles placed in 2009, click here)

BlakeBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 5 July 2009
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Loraine Long
HarryBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 16 May 2007
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Peter van Staden & Tanya de Ville
KujoBeagle Info:
Name: KUJO
Date of Birth: 26 January 2008
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Darren & Nicole Ashton
LucyBeagle Info:
Name: LUCY
Date of Birth: 22 May 2008
Sex: Female
Owned by:
Robert & Karen Carlton-Shields
MayaBeagle Info:
Name: MAYA
Date of Birth: 27 March 2008
Sex: Female
Owned by:
Roelf Kotzenberg
OscarBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 19 December 2007
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Peter van Staden & Tanya de Ville
PippenBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 26 October 2005
Sex: Female
Owned by:
Jane Hyslop
PoppadomBeagle Info:
Date of Birth: 1 June 2004
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Trevor & Dilene Boyd
RogerBeagle Info:
Name:Beagle Info:
Date of Birth: 10 October 2004
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Raymond Antoncich
RotiBeagle Info:
Name: ROTI
Date of Birth: 1 June 2004
Sex: Male
Owned by:
Trevor & Dilene Boyd
Top 10 Beagles in 2010

11 Responses to “ Top Ten Beagles – Gauteng 2010! ”

  1. tim says:

    My Money (R2.50) is on Harry!!!

  2. Harry says:

    Hi Tim –
    Harry here… if i win, i promise to buy u a pair of long pants!

  3. Tanya says:

    WELL DONE to the top ten!
    i am so excited that little Blake made it!

    good luck to all of you!
    I’m a very proud mommy to have both my boys in the running this year – complete suprise to see Harry’s name!

    goooo Harry!! goooooo Oscar!!

    thanks for a great season guys 😀

  4. Jane says:

    I am a very proud beagle mommy!! But more so to see so many new faces in the top ten. As only one of the above dogs has in the past completed a top ten line, it is going to be interesting. I think we are going to have to doctor the bait. Hope everyone joins us on teh 3rd October to cheer on the beagles….

  5. Jonathan says:

    Well done to all the hard working beagles. May the best beagle win. I recon it’s going to be Maya…

  6. Peter says:

    Well done guys. This is so awesome !
    My money is on Oscar, as long as no err “distractions” are around !!! ps im biased 🙂

  7. RaymondA says:

    Well done to the Top Ten of 2010!!!

  8. Marinda says:

    Jip, definitly Maya!!! (Also hoping for no distractions….) Did Leo retire?

  9. Tanya admin says:

    yes last season was his last

  10. jenna long (blakes mom) says:

    Well Done to all of thetop ten beagles of 2010! Blake we are sooo proud of you my boy!
    PS:All my pocket money is on Blake and Maya!

    Good Luck!

  11. Anette says:

    Well done to each and everyone that participated in the 2010 hunts.

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