Yesterday was the Gauteng Top Ten!

Everyone bright and early and the beagles were pumped and ready to go!! We had a bunch of human and beagle spectators to cheer the Top Ten on!

(Click on pic to see full size)

From left to right we have:

KUJO with dad Darren, LUCY with dad Robert & mom Karen, PIPPEN with mom Jane, brothers POPPADOM and ROTI with mom Dilene and dad Trevor, brothers OSCAR and HARRY with dad Peter and mom Tanya, BLAKE with mom Jenna, MAYA with mom Marinda, ROGER with dad Raymond

Gavin laid the scent on a quad bike.

The beagles waited patiently for the scent to be laid and for the release…



Harry and Oscar


Maya and family…


A noisy Pippen:


Rotadom (or Poppadom & Roti) getting a pep talk from mom…


Harry and Oscar’s mom and dad came kitted out in “Team Harry” and “Team Oscar” shirts to cheer their beagles on 😀


Eventually the time to release came… we all lined up, and off they went!! (click to enlarge)

once they had all leaft, we could hear some baying in the distance every now and again.

We waited, and waited – staying hidden in the long grass, with our eyes on the finish line.

After about 10-15 minutes, Maya came back on the line, to all of us. A short while later, Poppadom came back on the line. Also back on the line were Roger and Roti.

Then we saw a tail near the finish line… we all watched with baited breathe to see WHO IT WAS….. out of the long grass, emerged a beagle, tired and smiling, in a black denim bib, and her bright yellow 72 embroiderey…. IT WAS LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She crossed the finish line after about 18-20 minute run… had a little cuddle and trotted off to find her mom, dad and grandparents who had come to support their Little Helion!

This is the first time a bitch has won the Top Ten!!! EXCELLENTLY done Lucy!

We waited some more for the rest of the beagles. Also back on the line came Kujo and Blake.

The only beagle still out there were Pippen and Harry and Oscar.

We saw another tail above the grass near the finish… who was it…..??

A flash of a pink bib and another tired happy girl, PIPPEN trotted over the finish line!!!

So, first and second places go to the girls!!

We waited for Harry and Oscar… and waited and waited… And we saw 2 flashes of their luminous yellow bibs coming along back on the line.

So – HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to LUCY for winning to Top Ten of 2010!! And HUGE congrats to Pippen for coming in 2nd. These girls did a great job! And Girl Power all the way!

Well done to the other 8 beagles for trying their best… the Top Ten IS a challenge, and is IS meant to test the dogs tracking as well as their stamina.

I think the quote of the day, was from Vicky, who said “Looks like the only way to win Top Ten is to be a bitch!” hee hee!

After the run, we made our way back and had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, freshly baked bread, croissants and champagne & orange juice. Thank you to our awesome chefs for the feast!

The beagles all had a fantastic time running around with their friends in the veld for one last time this year.

Once again, THANK YOU to every single person for taking part in our hunts… all the organisers, administrators, helpers, scent-layers, scorers etc etc… and thanks to those who came to support the top ten, even if they weren’t in the challenge – we hope you and your beagles are inspired for top ten 2011!! 😀

Thank you to Carmel and Bruce for the photos in this post 🙂

See you all at the Beagle Ball at the end of October!

Remember to keep an eye on the website and your email for your monthly Walkhaven social days… it’s so nice to keep in touch with our beagle friends (maybe you can ask Lucy for her autograp – or is that a paw-o-graph – next time you see her!!)

Until then…

happy beagling!

OH – PS – remember when we put up the poll of you you think will win Top Ten…?

Well, we had a record number of voters – 197 to be exact… this was their prediction:

Isn’t it amazing how Lucy (and Roger) had the most votes!! – and poor Pippen hardly had any! She sure showed them!!

Check out the poll now and vote – Was Lucy’s WIN a surprise to YOU?



6 Responses to “ GAUTENG TOP TEN RESULTS ”

  1. tim says:

    Well done to all the beagles

  2. Karen, Robert, Lucy and Benjamin says:

    Well done to all the beagles and their families for making the beagle hunts such an amazing thing to be part of. Lots of tired, but happy beagle licks, see everyone at the ball

  3. Petervs says:

    Well done girls
    was an awesome finish to the season !!

  4. Michele says:

    Well done to Lucy, Pippen and their parents!
    Michele, Jamie and Jemma

  5. ROELF says:

    Congrats to the winners and the finishers! Oupa’s girl, Maja, (another girl) seemed to have won the “unofficial” race. Well done to all. Looking foreward to the end of Oct function.XXX

  6. […] and Benji’s mom and dad were very chuffed with their girl for winning the Top Ten Challenge! Let’s hope she can get her new brother Benji to join in the hunting next season! Well done […]

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