Beagle Ball – 2010 – photos

This is a very long overdue post!

Our Gauteng Beagle Club had our prize giving a few weeks ago at The Sandton Town and Country Lodge in Lonehill.

The night we had all been waiting for, to see where our hounds had placed for the season. We all got dressed up, the guys looked very handsome in their suits, and the ladies all looked gorgeous in their dresses – makes such a change from seeing everyone at the hunts, where we all wear our oldest dirtiest clothes (and are often nursing a cold or a hangover… (or both!!) at 7am on a wintery sunday morning)

We had over 70 beagles come to the hunts throughout the 2010 season!!

The full list of places and scores is on the main page… but here are some photos from the evening.

Blake‘s mom was SUPER proud of her boy for doing so well! – just look at that big prize!


Mathilda, Bart and Ralph‘s mom collecting certificates for her hounds


Poppadom and Roti‘s mom and dad (also our awesome, hardworking chefs!) can be extremely proud of their boys! Poppadom scored the most points, and was named BEST BEAGLE for 2010, and Roti placed 3rd for 2010, and was named Best Reserve Dog!

Look at the lovely big rosette!

Proud Dad!

Maya‘s mom and Dad can also be very proud of their little girl! She finished 2nd, and won Best Junior, and Best Bitch (as well as winning the bitch double with Bella, and the mixed double with Poppadom).

Maya’s dad attached all her rosettes to his shirt, and was covered in them by the end of the evening!

Little Billy did very well this season and made his dad proud… and I think he has inspired his older brother Ben to start running… keep it up boys!

Aimee and Nelson improved on their positions from last year, making mom and dad very proud – *just* missing the 2010 Top Ten Challenge – come on guys, push a little harder next year! :)

Nelson came 2nd in the Dog Double (paired with Roger). And Aimee and Lucy placed 3rd in the bitch double.

Enzo (and Kingsley)’s dad specially bought a pair of long pants for the occasion! ;)

Lucy and Benji’s mom and dad were very chuffed with their girl for winning the Top Ten Challenge! Let’s hope she can get her new brother Benji to join in the hunting next season! Well done Lucy!!

Marmalade‘s dad had hoped for a Top Ten position for his girl, but she just missed it, by one place, and a couple of points.

3rd place Dog Double went to Oscar and Denver

Harry and Oscar‘s dad was very happy that both his boys made it into the Top Ten this year!

Toby and Bella W also did pretty well for newcomers! Their mom and dad were proud of their achievements… AND mom won the raffle! (Thank you to Anette for sponsoring the lovely prize)

Can we have a round of applause for Snoopy‘s 100% attendance!? Well done mom and dad for being so dedicated coming to every single hunt, even if Snoopy just missed the Top Ten ;) ;)

Stewie and Daisy‘s mom was very pleased that her little girl got a certificate for participating, even tho she’s still a baby!

Tammy and Kujo’s mom and dad were very proud of their hounds – especially Kujo who made it into the Top Ten!

THANK YOU to everyone who came to the ball – we hope you all had fun!

And a HUGE SPECIAL thank you to everybody who made the evening possible – thank you to Lyn and Glen who came along and helped with the prizes and Lyn for being the MC – even though they are not beagle parents!

Thank you to everyone who donated prizes towards the evening:

Anette for the fabulous array of awesome prizes, from food, to collars and treats and beds and all sorts!

Trevor & Dilene for the delicious home made doggy biscuits for everyone!

Raymond for the Top Ten badges! – look forward to seeing them on the bibs next season 🙂

Peter and Tanya for the Beagle on Board stickers for each of the top 20 dogs.

And once again, thank you to every single person who contributed to the season in any way at all. From the main organisers, Jane, Shaw and Dana… to our awesome chefs for the delicious breakfasts – Trevor and Dilene – Thank you!

And to all the guys who walk up front on the line, whether you do it every week/often (Robert, Gavin etc) or even if it’s just once or twice when we are running short of people – THANK YOU!

And special thanks to Carmel (and Gavin) for keeping the scoring up to date, checking and updating the numbers after each hunt. The scoring system is quite involved, so thank you for keeping track of it all.

Thank to Peter for being the WebMaster – making sure the site is always working, and adding new exciting things to it 🙂 (Do you guys know we have a forum, BeagleTalk? Have you signed up??)

And thank you to the 70+ beagles for participating in the 2010 season!! Keep up the fitness, and see you at the hunts next year, or at Walkhaven in between!

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    Well done guys, you have done a terrific job. You’re website is world class!

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