Walkhaven 16 Dec 2010

We had our last official walkhaven social day on the public holiday 16 Dec 2010.
After what felt like decades of non stop heavy rains, the clouds opened and the sun started shining an hour before our planned meet up time!

Most of our beagles were suffering from a serious case of cabin fever from being kept indoors with all the rain, and were only TOO happy to be out in the open with their friends!

Walkhaven wasn’t too muddy, but the dam was FULL FULL FULL and the little bridge was totally underwater!

All the beagles got wet and seemed to quite enjoy wading in the shallow water!

Barnaby demonstrated how his super long bassett ears float on the water!

Even Snoopy got wet!!

There was the usual swimming by Oscar and Koda… and this time, Billy joined in too!!

Poppadom and Roti’s mom and dad were working, so the beagles came along with Pippen and Rebel – and they had loads of fun!

By the end of the afternoon, everyone had gotten their wriggles out and Harry was very pleased to cuddle up warm and dry in the car!

Thanks to everyone who brought along donations for Animals in Distress 😀

Beagles.co.za wishes your beagles and their people a lovely festive season… take care, be safe and see you all in the new year!!

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