A sad goodbye from 2 JHB beagles

Toby and Bella have relocated to the Western Cape, and are going to be joining the hunts down there 🙁

We so enjoyed having them as part of our 2010 hunts and are going to miss them, and their mom and dad!

Toby and Bella – Good luck for the Cape Town hunts, and know that ALL the Gauteng Beagles will be howling for you to win the 2011 season! Look out Cape Beagles!! :p

Here’s a lovely email from The Warren’s I thought the rest of the Gauteng club would appreciate:

Unfortunate news from our side……we have relocated to Somerset West in the Cape.
We had sooooooo much fun last year and we(humans and hounds) made such great friends at the Beagle hunts!!
We will all miss our friends Very much and thank all of our friends involved for giving us such fond memories.
Thanks for the Beagle Ball, we had great fun dressing up for the occasion and celebrating our great little hounds.

Toby and Bella are loving it in their new Bigger garden……but will surely miss the hunts in the mountains with the Jhb hounds. The other day they went mad, howling and baying at the fence, running up and down frantically. When I went to investigate, someone was taking their beagle for a walk. I think Toby and Bella thought that it was finally hunt time and were soo excited.

I have contacted Christine here in the Cape and we are all excited to start the hunts again. Apparently we use tags and not bibs and Toby and Bella get to chase the scent of sausage and not pilchards. Cannot wait!

Thank you for everyone who participates in this great sport and thank you for all the organisers who dedicate their time into making this such an amazing and successful event for all of us!!

Will Miss you all very much and keep up the hard(, but FUN) work!!


Jonathan, Michelle, Toby and Bella Warren

We’ll miss you guys too! Hope you can arrange a trip back to JHB on one of the days we have a delicious breakfast! You are always welcome!

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  1. Tanya Tanya says:

    Gonna miss you guys! Thanks for the lovely things you had to say about the club!
    Take care and keep us posted on your new pack!
    All the best!
    – Peter, Tanya, Harry and Oscar

  2. Peter says:

    yeah you guys will be missed
    keep in touch

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