Beagle Puppy Scam

Hey Guys…

I have not had any personal experience with this, but I have had of two or three people who have not had very good (or rather, haven’t had ANY) service from Beagle Kingdom. There is a post on our BeagleTalk Forum with the story of a family who were taken for a ride and want to warn people against trying to buy pups from them… please have a look at

If you have had any experience with Beagle Kingdom (good or bad!) please leave a comment either below this post, or on the forum.

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  1. Niel says:

    This is becoming a major problem, not just with beagles but with all breeds. I did my own investigation and found thousands of scams. Most of them require money for transportation and say that the dog is free. Make sure before you buy, ask for previous buyers phone numbers or go to the “breeder” your self to make sure. If it sounds to good to be true it is. TIP: Phone Kusa to confirm that the breeder exists, any breeder will give you his Kusa number for a check

  2. Monique says:

    I have been looking for a beagle puppy for months now! I’ve contacted about 30 ads and only had 3 that was actually legit, the rest was all scams! They advertise puppies in Pretoria or Johannesburg, but when you get a reply from them they say they are based in East London, the Northern Cape or P.E. They give you a price for the puppy and say you have to pay transport, but they don’t reply when you ask for their KUSA details or the transport company or why they have a different location to the add! 4 Different people sent me the exact same photo of the puppy I’m interested in! All of these ads led back to Beagle Kingdom…

    Now I’m waiting…Please if anybody in or around Mpumalanga (preferably around Gauteng) have female beagle pups available, I’m DDESPERATE!!!

  3. Ettiene says:

    Just been scamed by beaglekingdom. R 5000. Feel like an Idiot

  4. Morne Rademeyer says:

    beagle kingdom is a scam i investicated them and had them cornered and when i confronted tham they became arogant and ignored my calls i did report them to KUSA Luckely the KUSA number that they used belonged to Hendrik Fourie,i found KUSA to check the deatils of the number and they said the KUSA number belonged to Hendrik Fourie i phoned him to inform him that his KUSA number is been used by scammers as faith had it Hendrik had puppies and i bought the sweetest beagle from them.

  5. Anne says:

    Do any one know of a Charles B Bronson who sells Beagles – Heidelberg?
    Just got an email with doggies good to go.
    Please advise?

  6. Kyle Daniels says:

    Hi Anne

    I would also like to know if a Charles B Bronson does exist, because he says that he sells bulldog puppies in Heidelberg.



  7. Anne says:

    Defnately a scam!
    I received an exact word for word mail from a “Vanessa”, both were listed under a “Lindas pet home”…..
    I found a lovely Kusa Beagle from a registered breeder. Will recommend that route!

  8. Kyle Daniels says:

    Thanks for confirming Anne.

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