Dog Day 2011 – Fun Run

Hey Guys,

here’s a fun run we can all join in on, it’s not on a hunting day, so get out those walking shoes, and come and get some exercise with your pooches!

It’s in Kyalami, at 9am on Sunday 15 May… all info, registration and costs are on – lets take over with beagles!! If you plan on joining, leave a comment below the post, and maybe all the beagles can meet up and walk together!


4 Responses to “ Dog Day 2011 – Fun Run ”

  1. Tanya Tanya says:

    chances are we’ll be there!
    Team Beagle!!

  2. anette says:

    hi tanya i would like to bring a few students and some of the otau beagles please let me know if you are all going we could join .Regards Anette

  3. Tanya Tanya says:

    Hi Anette – i’m sure that’ll be great – just be sure to register on the DogDay website

  4. Madrie says:

    Very cool! would like to join other dog day events in 2012 and in the near future with my jack russel Zorro!

    Kind Regards

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