Beagle and Lab need a new home

These two adorable young dogs were once in a loving environment with an elderly lady who
has since moved back to Ireland as her daughter that she lived with is going through a divorce
and is moving to a smaller home. Currently they are still at their home but besides getting
food and water they do not get any human attention in fact barely even see anyone as there
is nobody at home most of the time and they stay outside in the back yard.
Max is a pedigree Beagle he is neutered and is 12 months old, he has wonderful loving nature
and would make a great family.
Jesse is a pedigree golden Labrador, she is 6 months of age and has not yet been spayed, but
requires a lot of attention and is very excitable as most labs are when they are pups, but
some training would be good for her.
Both are good with children and have a wonderful nature, both would be ideal companions in
a family environment where they would receive the love and care they deserve. It would be
wonderful if they were homed together as they have become inseparable play mates.
If you think you could give them the family they deserve Please call Michelle on 082 856 0657

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