Photos from DogDay walk – 15 May 2011

First off – apologies for the delay in posting the photos! :p

Some of us beagle huggers did the walk in Sunninghill for Dog Day on the 15 May. We met a few other beagles along the way too!!

Before we got going on the walk, we went to the enclosed “Free Zone” where the dogs could all run and play off lead… the one side of the area was bordered by a dam and some long reeds, which were great fun!
Harry, Oscar, Snoopy, Penny (& their JRT brother Koda), Pippen, Zoe and Bernie all had a blast 🙂




Penny & Bernie having a swim:


Harry, Oscar & Koda in the reeds:


Penny & Harry:

We even met some “non-beagle” friends!!

And all the tired beagles after their 4km walk!! Look at their lovely bandanas they won! 😀

(from left: Bernie, Zoe, Snoopy, Penny, Oscar, Harry (or rather, Harry’s bum!) Koda and Pippen in the back!)

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  1. vanessa says:

    absolutely precious,i looove beagles

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