Puppy found a new home!

Hi All!


regarding the little puppy who urgently needed a new home I posted about on Friday

I found him a lovely new home where I am sure he will be very very happy and loved!
His new mommy came to fetch him from me this morning. She has only had beagles for many many years, so she knows the breed well, and is prepared to put in the effort in training and caring for this high maintenance breed of dog. She has 2 beagles at home, and was in the market for a third one to replace a beagle she has recently lost (our condolences!).

When she saw little Murphy, she just fell in love with him and scooped him up for kisses! Which he graciously returned!! 😀

I believe he is going to be extremely happy in his new home! He crept into my heart in the short time I was fostering him, and I really hope his new mommy will keep in touch with me, and maybe even join a scent hunt or a social day at Walkhaven!!

Keep well, little Murphy! Much love to you! x

We love happy endings!

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  2. vanessa says:

    i am so happy Murthy found a loving home.i do hope that people will investigate the breed that they consider,as all animals need constant love and care.it really is a lifelong commitment.hugs and kisses for Murthy xx
    Beagle Lover

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