7 month old male beagle needs a forever home




Beagle’s Name: Jackson Michael

Age : DOB 07/10/2010 – 7 months old

Sex : Male

Is s/he registered? He did not come with papers

Is s/he sterilised? Not as yet

Is s/he microchipped?   Not as yet

Is s/he friendly with:

Dogs: Yes, very social

Cats: – I am not sure that we have ever exposed him to a cat so can’t answer this one

Children: Yes, very social

Area: Craighall Park, Johannesburg

Reason for rehoming: Jackson just has too much energy for our home.  We work full time and although we have a full time domestic worker, we feel that he is bored (not destructive) but just too energetic when we get home.  He constantly wants to play.


Other: Jackson is an indoor dog and sleeps in a bed next to ours.  We have a young son of 5 years old.  We take him to the park often and he is never happier than when he is off his lead running and playing with other dogs.  He is does not run away when off his lead and will always come when called.  We drive down to Durban a lot and he always comes with us so is fine in cars.  We often take him to the beach, which he loves.  Again, very social with anyone that walks past, especially dogs.  He has swum in the ocean before and loves that too.  He is very playful and is always wanting to play.  As with any other beagle, his sense of smell is sharp and he is naughty when it comes to food.  If he can reach it, he will take it!  Jackson is fine with me and my other half but he will take from my son, if he can.  I have taken him to puppy school and to home obedience classes with an animal behaviourist to try and teach him better manners in this department but to no avail.  He is house trained and is quite good in the home obedience classes.  He follows his nose so as long as there is a treat, he will sit, lie down and come on demand.  Very good natured but just too much energy for our lifestyle.  We both work full time and although my domestic worker is at the house for most of the day, this is just not enough for his energy levels.  Often when I get home, he will tear around the house in fits of excitement with a lot of energy to burn.  If I chase him, he is even happier.  He is very ‘chatty’ and does like to talk to you, especially, when you are in the bath or shower.  We care him about him a lot and want to do the right thing for him.  We feel that he belongs with other dogs on a larger property where he can expend more of that energy on a daily basis.


If you can offer Jackson a GOOD HOME WITH OTHER DOGS, please email Tanith:  [tanith AT verpakt.com]

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